How Palm Cay Helps Seniors Downsizing!

Seniors downsizing has a lot of advantages. It can help lessen stress. Some seniors might just find it necessary to downsize.  According to, the thought of downsizing has crossed a lot of seniors. There’s an increasing number of baby boomers that are moving into 55+ communities. 

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Moving into a 55+ community is a great thing for seniors downsizing since it saves some money. Contrary to what you might think that it’s expensive to live in a 55+ community, you can find one in the Ocala area that’s very affordable. 

The fact is, Ocala has become a favorite destination for retirees. There are affordable 55+ communities in Ocala and this according to Palm Cay is one good example of a very affordable 55+ community.

In case you’re interested in seeing this lovely 55+ community, the real estate experts at 55Next can easily assist you. They are fully trained and certified to show you around and answer all your real estate queries. 

For starters, they can show you the single-family homes of Palm Cay. These are lovely homes but unfortunately, there are only 500 of them. Palm Cay offers a very limited number of homes. 

One of the reasons why this particular 55+ community is a great place to downsize is because you will be able to find homes lower than $100 K. However, it’s not just the affordable prices of homes that make Palm Cay a great community for seniors to downsize. This lovely 55+ community can help a lot of its residents downsize in the following ways.

Homes at Palm Cay are Low Maintenance 

Palm Cay provides low-maintenance single-family homes. This is one crucial way this particular 55+ community can help its seniors downsizing. 

One of the main reasons why the single-family homes of Palm Cay are low maintenance is because their floor plans are wide open. An open floor plan is a great way to make a home more energy-efficient. It allows natural light and air to move freely inside the home. Residents don’t have to worry about making their homes more comfortable since they can tap natural resources. 

Residents of Palm Cay are required to pay a homeowner’s association fee of ninety-seven dollars a month. This is very affordable compared to the other homeowner’s association fees of other 55+ communities. 

The affordable homeowner’s association fee of Palm Cay takes care of the home exterior, specifically the lawn. This spares the residents from having to worry about maintaining their lawns. 

So, if you’ve been used to maintaining your lawn for so long, you can now downsize in Palm Cay since that’s something you won’t have to do anymore.  Remember that the 55 Next real estate team can show you the lovely homes of Palm Cay. Give them a call at 352-244-8977 so that you can see how this particular 55+ community has been well-maintained over the years. 

Palm Cay Provides a lot of Amenities to Keep Its Residents Active and Social  

As a 55+ community, Palm Cay encourages its residents to stay active. They do it in such a way that they provide various amenities to maintain an active adult lifestyle.  Residents don’t have to invest in various exercise equipment to stay in shape in Palm Cay. 

The residents can enjoy an active lifestyle by making use of the top-notch amenities in the Oasis Clubhouse. They have access to a fitness center where they can work out for as long as they want. They also have access to sports amenities such as tennis courts, horseshoe pits, bocce ball courts, swimming pool. With free access to these sports amenities, residents don’t need to invest in any kind of equipment or country club membership to stay active. 

Palm Cay also offers a lot of amenities to keep its residents socially active. They can join a lot of arts and craft classes or play cards with the other residents. They can do all these great activities without having to pay anything since they have free access to the Oasis Clubhouse. 

Residents are not stressed to stay physically and socially active in Palm Cay. That’s just one great way to downsize.  

Palm Cay is a Quiet Community 

If you have been used to living in a busy area, you can easily downsize to a quieter 55+ community such as Palm Cay. As a gated community, you can enjoy the serenity of this particular 55+ community without having to deal with unnecessary stressors such as dealing with strangers. 

It’s safe to say that Palm Cay is an exclusive 55+ community. However, that shouldn’t intimidate you since it’s a very affordable 55+ community to live in. Learn how affordable it is to live in Palm Cay by getting with the certified real estate agents at 55Next. They can answer all the questions that you might have regarding 55+ communities.

Palm Cay Seniors Downsizing Don’t Have to Travel Far for Basic Needs 

Another great way for seniors to downsize if by lessening their travels. Travelling can take a toll on health, more so on the health of a senior. The location of Palm Cay does not require its residents to travel far for their basic needs. 

Let the 55 Next real estate experts show you around Marion Landing. Get in touch with them by calling 352-244-8977 or go directly to 55Next.

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