5 Fun Ways Marion Landing Keeps its Residents Socially Active 

Staying socially active is critical. As a matter of fact, social interactions are good, no matter how old you are. Of course, it’s very easy to stay socially active when you’re young. However, it’s a different case when you get older. 

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There’s a tendency for seniors to isolate themselves. This is backed up by Study.com. Since health and mobility decline as you get older, seniors find it hard to stay socially active.  Despite the convenience of technology, it’s not enough to stay socially active online. 

What Research Suggests

According to Healthline.com, other activities such as hobbies, volunteering, and travel are can keep seniors socially active. Even though they can stay socially active online, they also need face-to-face encounters as well. The same source adds that twelve percent of seniors are less likely to avoid dementia if they met up with their friends from time to time. For this reason, it’s critical for seniors to have face-to-face encounters to stay socially active and healthy. 

Hence, it is the reason why 55+ communities make it a point to offer a well-balanced active adult lifestyle. A huge part of their active adult lifestyle is to promote a lot of social activities for their residents. 

The challenge in providing social activities is to keep it fun. Marion Landing is one 55+ community in Ocala that ensures all their social activities are fun. There’s nothing fancy about the social activities offered by Marion Landing. As a matter of fact, they’re pretty simple. 

Since Marion Landing is an intimate 55+ community, with just 600 home units, it’s easy to motivate and get all the residents to attend the social activities. For starters, they won’t feel intimidated that they have to deal with a lot of folks.   Social interaction is on a very comfortable level for seniors. They won’t get stressed out meeting and talking with so many folks. 

Despite the limited number of residents, Marion Landing offers a good list of fun activities for them to stay socially active. Here are 5 fun ways Marion Landing keeps its residents socially active. 

1. Arts and Crafts Classes are Available in Marion Landing 

According to a physician consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Dr. Raymond Hobbs, social isolation can have a negative impact on the mental and physical health of seniors. Based on research cited by the National Institute on Aging, the loneliness brought about by social isolation can lead to serious health problems such as the following: 

  • Heart disease; 
  • High blood pressure; 
  • Depression; 
  • Obesity; 
  • Alzheimer’s disease; and 
  • Cognitive decline   

Dr. Hobbs adds that social interaction can be the key to ward of serious health problems. Hence, it is the reason why he recommends that seniors get social. One of his recommendations is for seniors to find a hobby. 

Marion Landing provides a lot of arts and crafts classes for seniors to explore and discover new hobbies. Aside from arts and craft classes, activities such as charitable events, food drives, luncheon seminars, and theater groups are organized. 

Joining these classes or learning groups can help seniors unleash a new passion, advocate, or interest to keep them socially active for a very long time. Most of the arts and crafts classes and activities are done in the Lifestyle Center of Marion Landing. 

The Lifestyle Center is a top-notch facility center where the residents can socialize with other residents.  You can come and see how residents socialize in the Lifestyle Center. With the help of the real estate team of 55 Next, you can gain access to this top-notch facility. Connect with the real estate experts at 55Next.  

2. There’s A Lot of Dancing in Marion Landing 

There’s a good reason why there’s a lot of dancing in Marion Landing. According to an article posted on Utswmed.org, dancing has a positive effect on the brain health of the seniors. 

That’s good news for seniors because dancing is a fun activity. Aside from the fact that it has a positive effect on the brain health of the seniors, it also has a positive effect on physical health. According to Dr. Heidi Rossetti, the muscles and the heart benefit a lot from dancing. She further adds that dancing requires heavy cognition when seniors learn how to dance. 

The dancing activities of Marion Landing not only contribute to the physical and mental health of the seniors. They also contribute to the social welfare of the seniors. With regular dancing, both the heart and the brain benefit greatly. Hence, it is the reason why there’s plenty of dancing in Marion Landing. 

3. Weekly Social Events in Marion Landing

Aside from all the learning activities offered by Marion Landing, weekly social events are organized as well. These events are great opportunities for the residents to socialize outside of their homes. 

The good thing about these weekly social events is that they provide a wide array of activities not just committed to learning.  There’s always something new with the weekly social events in Marion Landing. Hence, the residents have something to look forward to. 

The weekly social events of Marion Landing can easily engage its residents. Subtly, the residents are socially active. They may not be aware of it but since they have something to look forward to, they’re excited to leave their homes and socialize. 

4. There’s Bingo in Marion Landing 

Bingo is a fun activity. There’s no doubt about that. Even Aarp.org, states that Bingo is a fun activity for senior communities. However, a gerontologist stated that bingo is more than just an activity to pass the time. 

Article posted on Sciencedaily.com states that bingo can have positive effects on folks suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases and Parkinson’s disease. It’s no wonder Marion Landing ensures a lot of Bingo activities for its residents. 

5. Marion Landing Offers Fitness Classes and Zumba

Residents can always join fitness and Zumba classes. These classes are abundant in Marion Landing. There’s a good reason why. 

Fitness and Zumba classes not only promote physical health. They also promote social interactions since these classes are done with a group of enthusiastic residents. The fact that they’re working out as a class or group; residents experience some sense of belonging. 

There’s nothing fancy about the social activities in Marion Landing but one thing is for sure. These activities are fun. Residents can easily join any of the fun activities to stay socially active. 

You can see for yourself how residents socialize in Marion Landing. Contact the real estate team at 55next to gain access to Marion Landing. You can also give them a call now at 352-244-8977. They can provide you with a lot more information on how Marion Landing keeps its residents socially active. 

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