The Cherrywood Estates Community is a Quiet and Safe 55+ Community!

Cherrywood Estates Community is an Active 55+ Community!

It wasn’t so much of an option a few years back but now; it has become a pretty popular option for seniors. According to the website,, numerous studies conducted by AARP have shown that Americans, over the age of 50, have shown interest in ageing in place.

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While it’s no doubt an option, there are a lot of things to consider if you want to age in place. For starters, you might end up in an empty home, lonely and alone. Of course, there are home services that you can call on to assist you. However, if you think about it, it’s more exciting to start a new chapter of your life in a 55+ community such as Cherrywood Estates

It’s Easy to Make Cherrywood Estates Community Your New Home!

One of the reasons why ageing in place has become a new option for seniors is because the thought of moving out and starting over is scary. That makes a lot of sense, especially for seniors who don’t feel comfortable with major changes.

Cherrywood Estates an Active 55+ CommunityThat’s precisely the reason why you should plan your retirement. The earlier you plan it, the better for you. Even if you’re still years away from retiring, it’s always a good idea to check out your options. So, even if ageing in place is an option for you, take some time to see Cherrywood Estates as well.

The real estate team of can help you out. You can call them at 352-244-8977. If you want to learn more about Cherrywood Estates Community and the other 55+ communities, create an account on 55Next to learn more about them. However, don’t hesitate to call the team because they are always happy to help. They are fully trained and certified to work with retirees.

It’s very easy to feel comfortable in the Cherrywood Estates Community. It’s a friendly 55+ community that’s not too big. Hence, everybody knows everybody. You’ll feel right at home in the Cherrywood Estates Community.

The number of homes in the Cherrywood Estates Community is limited to only 700 homes. These homes are all single-family units. As you very well know, single-family units are the best for seniors. For starters, there aren’t any stairs that you have to climb. This is definitely a major consideration when choosing a new place to live.

This is pretty much the reason why 55+ communities like Cherrywood Estates Community becomes a better option. Think about it. If you decide to age in place, you would have to do some major construction in your home. That could get pretty burdensome. You would need to get with a contractor and deal with the everyday operations.

Choosing a 55+ community such as Cherrywood Estates Community spares you from all that trouble. You pretty much just have to talk to a real estate expert from to help you out. You won’t have to deal with construction to make major changes to your home.

Family Members Can Visit Anytime in the Cherrywood Estates Community!

Letting go of the past is never easy. The fact that you would have to let go of the home where the kids grew up can get pretty challenging. That’s not easy to do. Hence, the option to age in place becomes very attractive.

Cherrywood Estates Community However, you need to think more about it. The reality is, you can hold on to the memories even if you move into a new home in Cherrywood Estates Community. Why hold on to the memories in an empty home? You’ll only end up torturing yourself.

The great thing about choosing to live in a 55+ community such as the Cherrywood Estate Community is that you can always have the family drop by and visit. Since Cherrywood Estates is located in Ocala the horse capital of the world your kids will be begging you to invite them.

There are so many things to do in Ocala Florida Your family is never going to get bored when they drop by to visit. For starters, it’s very easy to travel to Ocala Fl. There’s an international airport within the city. If your family wishes to land in the other international airports in cities such as Orlando, you won’t have a hard time picking them up. It’s pretty easy to get to Orlando from Ocala florida.

When your family comes to visit, they’re never going to run out of places to see and things to do. There are a lot of awesome places to see in Ocala and in the nearby cities.

The point is, moving into a 55+ community does not mean that you’re letting go of all the memories in your old home. The fact is, you can take all the memories in your new home and create new ones with your family. After all, they’re never going to have a hard time travelling to Ocala to visit you.

Lot’s of Activities to do when you live in the Cherrywood Estates Community!

One of the most important reasons why choosing to live in a 55+ community such as Cherrywood is the better option is because of the active adult lifestyle it offers. The facilities and amenities of Cherrywood Estates Community will keep you active. You can swim every day, learn new sports, or workout in the fitness center.

Ageing in place does not offer you recreational facilities complete with amenities. Of course, if you have a pool in your home, you can swim anytime. However, your options to get active is limited to just swimming. You would also have to think about the maintenance of your pool. That is if you have a pool.

The point is, you won’t have a lot of options to get active if you choose to age in place. You very well know that staying active in your senior years is critical to your health. These are the things that you need to think about, not tomorrow but right now.

Cherrywood Estate Community, lot's activitiesCherrywood Estates not only offers you sports amenities to stay physically active. It also offers a long list of social activities to keep you connected with the other residents. Again, this is a critical aspect of an active adult lifestyle. You need to socialize. You need to meet folks. The older you become, the more critical it is to stay connected with people.

Learn more about Cherrywood Estates Community by creating an account on You will have better access to the all search features of the website. Don’t hesitate to call the team at 352-244-8977.

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