Living in the Stonecrest Community is Good for your Health!

Stonecrest Entrance Sign, Florida 55+ Community

Stonecrest, Summerfield Florida 55+ Community

Seniors have taken interest in 55+ communities. It’s hard to blame them for that. After all, the kind of life that’s being offered in a 55+ community looks fun. It almost seems like being on a vacation. There’s a lot of 55+ communities that look more like a resort than a community.

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Stonecrest is one of those 55+ communities that seem more like a resort than a community. With is luxurious amenities, it hardly seems like a typical neighborhood.

Well, truth be told, this is not your typical neighborhood. Stonecrest is a gated community that’s restricted for adults 55 and up. Located in Summerfield, Florida; this is a comparatively small community as compared to the other communities in the area.

Despite its size, it offers luxurious amenities. The magnificent golf courses and resort-like swimming pools are just two of the few amenities that make living in Stonecrest seem fun. This particular 55+ community offers more amenities than make retirement living fun.

Since Stonecrest only has a limited number of homes (2,200 single-family home units), it’s best to get with the 55Next real estate team as soon as possible. They can tell you more about the exciting life in Stonecrest.  They can show you around and help you decide if this particular 55+ community best suits you. Call them at 352-244-8977.

Life in Stonecrest

It’s pretty simple to see why it seems fun to live in Stonecrest. Imagine living next door to championship golf courses and spectacular pools? It’s enough of a treat to have access to simple swimming pools but it’s sheer luxury to be able to swim in a resort-like pool. It just gives you that feeling of being on a tropical vacation.

The golf courses and swimming pools are just some of the luxurious amenities of this particular 55+ community. Life in Stonecrest is not just limited to those sports.

Non-golfers can play various sports such as bocce, pickleball, tennis, softball, and horseshoe pits. Residents who are just not into sports can enjoy the walking and biking trails inside this beautiful 55+ community. All these sports can be enjoyed in the beautiful outdoors of the Stonecrest community.

The many social and learning activities make life in Stonecrest more fun.  Residents can join various groups, activities, classes, and clubs to stay socially active. They not only get to meet folks; they also get to learn a lot of things. Opportunities such as those make this Community a fun place to live in.

There’s no doubt that life in Stonecrest is good but is it right for you? To find out if this particular 55+ community is right for you, learn more about it. Create an account on 55Next to learn more about Stonecrest. Feel free to call the real estate experts at 352-244-8977. They can help you decide if this particular 55+ community is right for you.

CLICK TO VIEW All the Homes For Sale in the Stonecrest 55+ Retirement Community

Health Benefits of Living in Stonecrest

It goes without saying that life in this Community is fun. Imagine having access to all those amenities and activities?  You’re never going to run out of things to do in Stonecrest. Considering the many opportunities to meet a lot of folks, you’re bound to enjoy life in this High Quality 55+ Community.

The good news is that the fun life in Stonecrest has a lot of health benefits. The laughter and learning from the social interactions brought about by the many activities that many doctors considered to be great medicine for the elderly.

Studies have shown that laughing can stimulate physiological changes that are beneficial to the health of the elderly. For starters, Laughing reduces the amount of the stress hormone called cortisol. When seniors laugh more, they get to overcome negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and worry.

Another help benefit of laughing is that it can help increase blood flow. This is good news for folks who suffer from high blood pressure. If they laugh more, they can decrease blood pressure. Furthermore, blood circulation is better with laughter.

The benefits of laughter don’t end there. Laughter can help boost immunity since it increases oxygen intake and blood flow. The fact that cortisol levels are decreased also helps boost immunity. It’s also worth noting that reduced levels of cortisol can help improve memory.

For seniors, laughter is a great form of exercise. The heart, abdominal muscles, and diaphragm get a good workout with laughter.

These are just a few health benefits from all the fun activities of Stonecrest. The fact that Stonecrest is located in sunny Summerfield, residents get to spend a lot of time outdoors. Needless to say, spending time outdoors is also beneficial to health.

According to Sciencedaily Vitamin D from the sunshine can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. There’s just no doubt that living in Stonecrest is very beneficial to health.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Stonecrest offers more than just fun and luxury. It ensures its residents are living an active adult lifestyle so that they stay healthy for a long time.

Stonecrest is one 55+ community worth seeing. Since it’s a gated community, you would need to get with a certified team of real estate agents. Look no further and get with the real estate experts at 55Next. They can answer all your questions regarding Stonecrest and the other 55+ communities in the area. Call them now at 352-244-8977.

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