12 Things to Know About the Villages

The popularity of The Villages Florida is undeniable when it comes to 55+ communities, It leads the pack. This spacious age-restricted community has everything you need to live an active adult lifestyle. The Villages is not just the largest retirement community in the state and country but the whole world. It is also growing very rapidly.

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Here’s What Attracts Seniors to The Villages Florida

1. A Brief Background of The Villages

The Background of the Villages

In 1970, Harold Schwartz partnered with Al Tarrson to embark on a mobile home park called the Orange Blossom Gardens. With just 400 homes sold, the Orange Blossoms Gardens didn’t turn out so well and Schwartz decided to buy out Tarrson. Schwartz eventually partnered with his son; the father-son duo soon discovered the perfect formula for a thriving retirement community. To this day, this family-owned community is still growing very fast.

2. The Friendliest Hometown in Florida

The Villages is the Friendliest Town in Florida

To a lot of folks, The Villages Florida is the friendliest hometown in Florida. For the residents, It’s simply called TV. The Villages has a relaxed atmosphere and small-town charm; everybody in the community always has a ready smile. It’s such a welcoming community that will help you feel right at home.

3. The Size of The Villages

The Size of The Villages

The Villages has a huge with a population of about 128,000. Despite the vast size, getting around The Villages is easy. You can get around The Villages with a golf cart, and self-driving taxi service is also being tested. The Villages is made up of little clusters; you should be able to find a neighborhood that suits you well.

4. The Restrictions of Living in The Villages

The Villages Restrictions

The Villages is a restricted community. What that means is that the homeowner should be 55 years old and above. There are smaller neighborhoods inside that allow kids (19 years old and below) to stay for 30 days. This is a great option for some folks who want their grandkids to come and visit. A family unit is another kind of neighborhood you will find. Three neighborhoods have been designated as such. Kids below 19 years old are welcome to stay in these neighborhoods.

5. The Perks of Living in The Villages

Golfing in the Villages is FREE


The Villages has perks that will make every golfer love this place. Golfing inside is FREE! Once you become a resident of The Villages, there’s no need for you to pay to play golf anymore. How awesome is that? This might be the only place on earth with such privilege.

6. Golf isn’t the only Sport in The Villages

The Villages Sports Club

There are about a hundred recreation centers in The Villages. These centers feature recreational facilities for various sports like tennis, corn hole toss, horseshoe, archery, shuffleboard, croquet, swimming, boccie, air gun shooting, fishing, bowling, and the famous pickle ball.

7. The Recreation Activities in The Villages

Recreational Activities in The Villages

If you’re leaning towards the arts, you can sign up for some painting or drawing classes. You can even join the various performance groups in the community. A lot of the residents in The Villages have unleashed their hidden passion for performing. There is also pottery, ceramics, sewing, and knitting classes to consider. Woodworking and dancing classes are also available.

8. State-Of-The-Art Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities in The Villages

While other 55+ communities are built near top-notch medical facilities, The Villages have their own. That means there’s no need for you to leave the community for your healthcare needs.

9. Unlimited Entertainment Options in The Villages

Entertainment in The Villages

You have unlimited entertainment options in The Villages. Concerts, movie shows, and theatre performances are abundant inside The Villages.

There are a lot of retail stores in this area and dozens of restaurants. It’s also worth noting that the Villages is a favourite venue for both local and international artists. There is always a great show to entertain you

10. What’s Offered Outside The Villages

While it does seem that everything is well-provided for in The Villages, the surrounding areas provide great support for all your needs as well. Huge retail stores like Walmart are just a few meters down the road from The Villages. There are restaurants, banks, and more medical facilities just outside the vicinity. The Villages provides easy access to Interstate-75 and other major thoroughfares.

11. Homes and Villas of The Villages

THE VILLAGES FL | Different types of Homes - YouTube

The Villages offers six home collections for you to choose from. Homes are available on both resale and new construct bases. Either way, The Villages provides you with superb service so that you can have the exact home that you want.

12. Experience The Life in The Villages Before Moving In

Another cool thing about The Villages is that it allows you to experience life inside the 55+ communities first before making the big decision to move in. The Villages offers Lifestyle Preview Program that allows you to experience how it is to live inside the community. If you want to check out how awesome life is in The Villages, give us a call now. We would love to provide you with more information and at the same time, take you around. Nothing quite beats seeing the 55+ communities yourself!

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