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My name is TJ Harrington and On behalf of my LoKation Real Estate Team with the LoKation Agency Main office located at 1500 E Atlantic Blvd Ste B, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. I would like to welcome you to the 55Next.com 55+ Retirement Community website.

I’m very happy that you dropped by to our website. You made the right choice because we’re here to Help You find  the perfect Home and the perfect active 55+ Community in North Central Florida to call your home for your active Retirement years.

Finding the right retirement community is Not easy at all.

You need to factor in a lot of things and if you have No idea where to start, you’re going to make a bad choice. You will find that 55Next.com is your reliable resource for finding the right home and the perfect retirement community.

The 55Next LoKation Real Estate Team and I are at your service!

Feel free to take advantage of the information here on 55next.com. You will find everything you need to learn about the various retirement communities in North Central Florida.

If there’s a community you’re interested in my team and I here to help you.

We can take you around the area, answer your questions, and help you make a smart choice.

We will guide you every step of the way.

Start Your Journey Here on 55Next.com

It’s not easy to make a change. No matter how exciting the change seems to be, it’s inevitable to have mixed feelings about it. One thing is for sure. There’s always a feeling of uncertainty.

Deciding to live in a retirement community is a big change. As exciting as it might seem, it’s a long journey to embark on. The journey could get pretty rough if you don’t know where to start. Believe me. I’ve been there.

Start your journey here on 55Next.com. Make use of the information here. Every bit of it is helpful in your journey. So, before you take your journey out to the road, start with us first.

Get to know the various retirement communities and See what each of them has to offer. Get to know the surrounding areas. Equip with yourself with all the necessary information about the communities. Feel free to drop us a line. You can even give us a call.

We will guide you every step of the way. Throughout your journey, we prioritize your needs so that you can make the right choice. We believe that finding the right retirement community depends on the needs of our clients.

Hence, we don’t tell you which community is right for you. We provide you the options by recommending various communities based on your needs. So, start your journey with us to get to know the communities first. Together we can do it.

My 55Next LoKation Real Estate Team Will Help You every step of the way in the difficult process of choosing a 55+ Community  and buying a home in the Community of your choice.

We also assist in the process of selling a home in our Area.

As a retiree myself, I have a solid background in helping and working with fellow retirees.

I take pride in all the members of my team who have undergone extensive LoKation Real Estate training.

They Will Also help you with Choosing the Best Community and Home that suits Your Needs and Wants.

The 55Next.com Commitment

  • 55Next.com is committed to delivering objective content.
  • 55Next.com is committed to being a trustworthy website. It’s a secure website that protects your privacy (please see our Privacy Policy).
  • 55Next.com is committed to being a highly recommendable website.
  • Most importantly, 55Next.com is committed to providing you personalized service soon as you embark on the journey to find the right retirement community.

What Makes 55Next.com Unique?

There are a lot of things About Us that makes 55Next.com Unique.

For starters, it provides in-depth information, not just on the communities but on the surrounding areas as well. It’s important to know what’s offered by the surrounding communities.

What good would a community be if the surrounding areas are empty? You wouldn’t want to be living in a community that’s hours away from medical facilities, would you?

We cover the surrounding areas as well. You will have a good idea as to what the surrounding areas have to offer. As a matter of fact, our online directory can easily help you get with a company or service within the areas of Ocala and The Villages.

We also provide free consultation. Soon as you decide to embark on the journey of searching for the right retirement community, you can call or text us. We will be more than happy to accompany you in your journey.

Another unique feature that we take pride in is that we provide unparalleled personalized service. It’s for that reason that we have become an integral component of our local community.  We intend to be for a very long time.

Why Choose 55Next.com?

I have been in the business of selling and buying homes for 15 years. I ran my own property management company in Rochester, New York. Then when my wife, Connie, and I decided to move in full time in On Top Of The World, I got my certification as a Florida Real Estate Agent. Now, I am a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent with LoKation Real Estate based .

I have 20 hard-working agents. Their in-depth knowledge and solid experience in the real estate market of North Central Florida are unparalleled. My agents are committed to provide you the best service so that you can find the right retirement community you can call your home.

I have a 55Next Youtube channel and on it you can watch the video’s I’ve created.  There you can watch my Video ebook which contains why I choose to live in On Top of the World 55+Community in Ocala Florida

The best reason why you should choose 55Next.com is because of the fact that I know exactly how it feels to embark on the journey to search for the right retirement community.

Believe me. Connie and I experienced some roadblocks when we embarked on our journey. We had no idea where to go and ended up traveling far. If we had something like 55Next.com, we would have saved a lot of time and effort.

Of course, that’s all behind us now because we found our home in On Top Of The World. With my expertise combined with my real-life experience in searching for the right retirement community, Connie and I decided to set up this website so that we can help fellow retirees like you.

Expect an awesome team of folks here on 55Next.com. We are here to help you.

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