Snowbirds: Where They’re From and Where They End Up Going

No, they’re not birds. Snowbirds are folks who want to get away from the cold weather. They want out when it’s wintertime in their place of residence.

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Some folks would call them seasonal travelers. No matter what they’re called, they have one thing in common. They seek warmer weather and they do that by flocking to an area where it’s nice and sunny.

How the Term Snowbird Came About

It’s interesting to note that the original snowbirds are birds. They are dark-eyed birds called Junco. They show up once the temperature in their area starts to drop.

Eventually, seasonal workers took the name snowbirds as well. According to, the term snowbirds came up in 1923 when seasonal workers used it to describe themselves. Since they were moving south to get away from the winter, they used the term snowbirds.

Then in 1979, the term snowbirds went on to describe the increasing number of retirees who were getting away from the winter season. Since then on, the term snowbirds have mostly described retirees who are seasonal travellers.

According to, these are retirees whose income bracket ranges from $75,000 and higher. They prefer to retire in warmer areas that are tax-friendly.

Florida is Tax-Friendly

When it comes to tax-friendly states, Florida would be one of those to consider. The website,, lists Florida as one of the seven states that do not require their residents to pay any kind of personal income taxes. They are also exempted from paying any kind of estate or inheritance tax.

It’s no wonder Florida is a financially appealing place to retire in. Aside from its sunny weather, the dollar goes a long way in Florida.

Hence, it’s not surprising to find a lot of 55+ communities in Florida. Truth be told, the largest 55+ community in the whole world is in Florida. The Villages is known to be the biggest active adult community in the world. This grand 55+ community is spread throughout Sumter County, Lake County, and Marion County. These are three beautiful counties in Central Florida.

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Where Do They Come From?

Snowbirds are not just coming from the cold states of the county. They’re also coming from outside the country. According to, about eighty percent of snowbirds coming from outside the county are Canadians. That shouldn’t be surprising at all considering how cold it is in Canada.

Winter is not just cold in Canada, it’s long. Snow can start to fall as early as November. In some provinces of Canada, the snow can even get as high as six feet. While that might sound fun for some folks, it can get pretty dreary considering that snow can last until late March. Hence, it comes as to no surprise that most of the snowbirds come from Canada.

Where Do Snowbirds End Up?

Luckily for snowbirds, they have a ton of options to consider. The website,, lists down 14 great destinations for snowbirds. These are California, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, South Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

While California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Texas are popular snowbird destinations, the rest of the places mentioned are slowly becoming popular as well.

If you’re wondering where Florida is on the list, well, it’s on top. Yes, there’s no doubt that Florida is still the most popular destination for snowbirds.

Aside from the fact that it’s a tax-friendly state, it offers the best tropical weather. Of course, it might not beat the tropical weather of Hawaii but in terms of standard of living, it’s still a lot more affordable to live in Florida.

It’s safe to say that you can get the best of everything in Florida. You get awesome tropical weather, tax-friendly ambience, white-sand beaches, world medical facilities, and a long list of 55+ communities to choose from.

Being a favorite snowbird destination, it just makes sense that Florida boasts of the best 55+ communities in the world. If you look at the ultimate list of active adult communities listed on, you will find a couple of them in the Ocala area.

The City of Ocala and Snowbirds

Ocala is a great little city in the heart of Florida. It’s also known as the horse capital of the world. Hence, it’s a beautiful place for seniors to settle down in. It boasts acres of lush rolling hills and ancient Oak trees.

The beautiful landscape of Ocala provides a country-side feel. At the same time, you get to enjoy big-city perks such as proximity to commercial areas and medical facilities.

The said list includes about six 55+ communities in the Ocala area. These are JB Ranch, On Top of the World, Stone Creek, Stonecrest, The Villages, and Trilogy.

Of course, there are more than just six 55+ communities in the Ocala area. To get a complete list of 55+ communities in the Ocala area, get with the 55 Next Real Estate team. They will provide you with a long list of options when it comes to 55+ communities.

Consider Certified Real Estate Experts

The 55 Next Real Estate team is composed of experts who are fully certified to work with retirees. They are the best folks to work with, most especially if you’re a snowbird who is deciding to settle down in just one place.

It may seem like snowbirds get to enjoy the best of both worlds. In reality, their seasonal travelling can take a toll on their lives. Hence, it’s the reason why snowbirds decide to settle down in one place.

More often than not, they decide to settle down in a warm, sunny place that’s not too expensive to live in. In most cases, that place would be Florida.

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  10. Pine Run Estates
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