Ocala among top places to retire in U.S.


Ocala is among the top places to retire in the U.S, thanks to the springs, affordable housing, horse farms, state parks, and the quality healthcare necessary for people like you who are retiring. These amenities make Ocala an inviting place and have been ranked #16 best retirement place, beating other 150 areas in the U.S. city. According to a publication based on the U.S. census bureau, FBI report U.S. department of labor and other internal sources, the Ocala area ranked 6th largest metropolitan compared to other 150 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Although the population is small compared to other regions, the increased ranking as one of the top places to retire is quite an achievement. Other factors that have boosted the ranking include quality of life, desire to live in Ocala, job availability, and the cost of living. 

Why Retire in Ocala Metropolitan Area in the U.S?

Ocala has been on the spot and is ranking for different reasons. While the town may look small, it offers magnificent growth with a large town feeling. When there, you get the opportunity to enjoy an exciting life with affordable restaurants, schools, vibrant art community, not forgetting the calm and favorable weather conditions all year round. 

Ocala is also ranked #4 safest place to live, which guarantees you a secure neighborhood, especially now you’re retired. It also ranks # as the fastest growing place in the U.S, giving you hope if you need to invest in a business. Again it’s the best place to live, according to the report that is ranking it #58.

Ocala is your best town as it ranks for almost everything you might need to consider when choosing a retirement area. In short, it’s a snowbird’s winter dream!

Another reason to retire in Ocala is the lower cost of living. Affordable housing has attracted many investors to Ocala, including Tom Cone, who moved his Golf and Country Club from Miami. He pointed out that his main attractors are the cheaper cost of living, including insurance and housing.

More so, since Ocala is attracting retirees, it’s deemed an excellent place to live as well by people of other ages. People who care about affordable housing, healthcare, good security, and a wonderful place are best suited to live here. The growth is attributed to many retirement communities around the metropolitan area, southwest side of the country, and the U.S highway 441 located at the end of the county.

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Enjoy your retirement life in Ocala! 


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