What Every Canadian Snowbird Should Know

Snowbirds come from all over the world. One country where they’re coming from is Canada. That shouldn’t be surprising at all, considering the cold, winter season in this particular country. Snow is fun but when you get six feet of snow in your backyard, you’d rather be somewhere else – Canadian Snowbird.

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Hence, it’s not surprising to know that the number of Canadian snowbirds in places such as the United States and Mexico ranges from three hundred thousand to three hundred seventy-five thousand. That’s a lot of Canadian snowbirds escaping the winter season. Yes, most of them are senior citizens seeking warmer places.

While the life of snowbirds may sound fun, there are a lot of things to consider. Since Canadian snowbirds have no other recourse but to leave their country for warmer places, they need to look into a lot of things. Below are a couple of things every Canadian snowbird should know. The list is taken from Readersdigest.ca.

Explore The Area

Most snowbirds are often converted to stay. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, the decision to stay should be well-thought of.

It’s a must for Canadian snowbirds to explore many options even if one area seems to be the most ideal for them. So, if you’re deciding to snowbird for the winter season, make sure to explore the area. If you’re not happy with it, go and wander off to another area.

Don’t just limit yourself to nearby areas. Use your personal criteria to find a place that suits you. Who knows; Florida might just be the perfect place for you? Even if you’re coming from a far-away place like Quebec, Florida might just be a better fit than Fort Lauderdale.

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Length Of Time Allowed To Stay Out Of The Country

Another critical thing every Canadian snowbird should consider is the length of time allowed to stay out of the country. The length of time is not the same for all Canadian snowbirds. It varies depending on which province the snowbird is from.

Length Of Time Allowed To Stay In Another Country

Canadian snowbirds should know the various requirements of the country they’re entering. For example, Mexico requires foreigners to have tourist cards. A tourist card is a mandatory requirement for foreigners entering Mexico.

Canadian snowbirds visiting the United States don’t need any kind of visa so long as they stay less than one hundred eighty days. If they stay more than that, they might have to fill out some IRS forms to avoid paying taxes. These are just some of the critical things Canadian snowbirds should look into when entering a county to get away from the winter.

Limitations of Healthcare Plan

It’s also important to consider the limitations of the healthcare plan. Provincial healthcare plans vary. Canadian snowbirds wandering off to another country should know the coverage and limitation of their healthcare plan.

For example, Canadian snowbirds coming from British Columbia will only get a 75-dollar reimbursement for emergency in-patient. On the other hand, Canadian snowbirds coming from Manitoba get a much higher rate for reimbursement.

Knowing the limitation and coverage of a provincial healthcare plan can help the snowbird choose the most suitable travel health insurance policy plan.

Other Useful Tips

There are other useful tips to consider. Canadian snowbirds should ensure that their finances are in order. Before they head off to leave the cold season behind, they need to make sure that their online banking is set up, their bill payments are taken care of, and insurances are valid. It’s also critical for them to check on the expiration date of their credit cards to avoid any inconvenience.

Since Canadian snowbirds are away for a long time, they must have a reliable home security system in place. For starters, they should ensure that all their physical mails are forward to a safe physical address. This is to avoid physical mails from piling up in their empty home. Identity thieves can feast on many physical mails and steal personal information.

It’s also recommended that snowbirds hire a reliable person to drop by and just check on the home. Thanks to technology, snowbirds can also consider online security system where they can monitor their home from their smartphone. These are just a few of the security measures snowbirds can look into.

The most useful tip is to be very cautious when making a major decision. One major decision a Canadian snowbird is inclined to make is to buy a second home.
Buying a second home requires a lot of research. Just because a place seems right at the moment doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for the future.

Canadian snowbirds should look into a lot of things before buying a second home. They should do their research first before making a critical decision.

One of the best resources for snowbirds is www.55Next.com. This is a real estate website that can help a lot of snowbirds, regardless of where they’re from.

Buying a second home is no joke. Canadian snowbirds should think once, twice, and even thrice about it. It takes a lot to establish a second home, especially if it’s outside Canada. Hence, Canadian snowbirds should be aware of all the legalities that come with it.

Getting with the right people is a great way to start establishing a second home. The folks from 55Next.com are certified to work with seniors and retirees, regardless of where they’re from. They are knowledgeable of the various 55+ communities in Florida. Canadian snowbirds can get with them anytime.

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