5 Good Reasons Why Spruce Creek Preserve Offers Tai Chi

Tai chi is a martial art. It’s a non-competitive form of martial art. It incorporates movements such as body rotations, semi-squat exercises, and weight shifting together with some deep breathing techniques. It’s a gentle form of physical exercise that’s good for the body and mind of seniors.

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One 55+ community that ensures its residents get to experience the benefits of tai chi is Spruce Creek Preserve. This is a cozy 55+ community located in Dunnellon, Florida. It offers 810 single-family home units.

The limited number of single-family home units are strategically spread throughout acres and acres of lush grounds. Hence, this is one 55+ community that offers huge outdoor spaces for its residents.

Spruce Creek Preserve is perfect for retirees looking for a quiet enclave in the city. This serene 55+ community is surrounded by one of the natural wonders of the area, the Ross Prairie State Forest. You’re right in the city but you get a refreshing country-side view. How awesome is that?

To get a sneak view of this serene 55+ community, make sure to get with folks who are certified to work with retirees and knowledgeable of the various senior living options in the area. The 55 Next Real Estate team is fully trained to help you choose the most suitable 55+ community. Call them at 352-244-8977.

The spacious outdoors of Spruce Creek Preserve is perfect for physical activities such as tai chi. There is a good reason why this non-competitive form of martial arts is offered in Spruce Creek Preserve.

According to Medicare.org, tai chi helps seniors stay fit and healthy. It’s good for them. Continue reading to understand why this particular physical activity is offered in Spruce Creek Preserve.

1. Spruce Creek Preserve offers Tai Chi because it’s Less Strenuous

As a 55+ community, Spruce Creek Preserve ensures its residents live an active adult lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean that they can do all kinds of activities. Spruce Creek Preserve carefully chooses its physical activities for its residents.

Tai chi is a gentle physical activity. It’s not as strenuous as compared to other kinds of physical activities. Truth be told, almost anyone can do tai chi. It’s pretty easy to follow. The gentleness and the easiness of this particular physical activity make it a very good physical activity for seniors. It’s no wonder Spruce Creek Preserve offers it to its residents.

2. Tai Chi is Perfect for the Active Adult

Despite the gentleness, tai chi is pretty much the ideal exercise for active adults. The amazing thing about it is that it addresses the three critical components of physical exercise.
It builds up your cardiovascular strength, improves your muscle strength, and enhances your flexibility. Imagine enhancing all that with a gentle exercise that won’t harm or strain the body. There’s just no doubt that tai chi is perfect for the active adult. No wonder, it’s offered in Spruce Creek Preserve.

3. Tai Chi Improves Balance

There is another good reason why tai chi is offered in Spruce Creek Preserve. The fact that it improves balance is one valid reason why it’s a sought-after activity in Spruce Creek Preserve.

According to Nia.nih.gov, senior adults are often faced with balance problems. Unfortunately, these are more common problems among adults who suffer from vertigo.

Daily tai chi can help lessen the chances of falling. According to an article featured in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, tai chi can help lessen the chances of falling by fifty percent.

Interestingly, another study was posted in The New England Journal of Medicine. According to that particular study, tai chi can also enhance the balance of folks suffering from neurological problems and Parkinson’s disease.

Since tai chi targets flexibility, leg strength, reflexes, and range of motion; senior adults will feel a lot stronger on their feet. Hence, it lessens their fear of falling.

4. Tai Chi is Good for the Brain

Tai chi is not just a gentle physical activity; it’s an exercise that improves cognitive functioning. Hence, it benefits the brain as well.

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease states that tai chi helps increase brain volume. It also shows enhanced thinking and memory on improvement tests. It’s for these reasons that tai chi is linked to delayed dementia.

5. Residents of Spruce Creek Preserve Learn Breathing Meditation Techniques

There’s no doubt that the residents of Spruce Creek Preserve benefit a lot from doing tai chi. It almost seems like the benefits are limitless.

Aside from the physical and cognitive benefits, tai chi can also help reduce stress. Thanks to the deep breathing meditation techniques of tai chi, the mind is put in a relaxing state.

Suffice to say, tai chi improves breathing. It also enhances blood circulation and improves the quality of sleep. If those aren’t enough, tai chi also prevents heart disease and lowers blood pressure.

Tai Chi

It’s not surprising that Spruce Creek Preserve offers tai chi to its residents. It’s the perfect exercise to match the serene atmosphere of the community.

Since tai chi is a group activity, it promotes social interactions as well. Hence, seniors can have fun and at the same time, experience the health benefits of this particular physical activity.

It’s pretty easy to understand why Spruce Creek Preserve offers tai chi to its residents. Aside from the fact that it’s a pretty easy exercise to follow, the health benefits of tai chi are limitless as well. As a 55+ community that’s focused on keeping its residents active, Spruce Creek Preserve is doing the right thing by offering tai chi.

The relaxing country-side landscape of Spruce Creek Preserve lures a lot of retirees to the area. This is a great community to consider if you’re looking for a place that’s not too crowded. It’s also not too far away from the commercial areas of the city.

Spruce Creek Preserve is definitely the place to be if you want to experience country living in the city. Come and see this beautiful 55+ community. Call the real estate experts at 352-244-8977.

Better yet, learn more about it now by searching the homes at www.55Next.com. Make sure to create an account on the website to unlock all the wonderful search features. Start now and create your account here.

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