Guess Where the Snowbirds of One Particular State are Heading To?

Snowbirds come from as far as Canada. They can’t wait to get away from the long, cold winter season. They want sunshine instead of snow. You can’t blame them for that – Snowbirds of One Particular State are Heading.

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Here’s something interesting. There is one particular group of snowbirds who are heading south. These snowbirds aren’t exactly coming from the coldest part of the world but it does get pretty cold in their state as well. Are you wondering which state these snowbirds are coming from?

A Shrinking Population

Thanks to the snowbirds of this particular state, its population is shrinking. That might be something hard to believe but it’s true. This particular state has seen a decline in population starting as far back as 2010.

Have you figured out which state is seeing a decline in its population? Well, it might surprise you to know that the Empire State is losing its residents. This isn’t some kind of rumor.

According to, New Yorkers are moving out. They’re moving to other states. The numbers show New York has lost about 1.4 million of its residents since the year 2010. The number is rising.

Where are The New York Snowbirds Going?

Based on the IRS data, New Yorkers, with the average annual income of about ninety thousand dollars, are heading to Florida. Out of the eight-one percent of New Yorkers leaving the state, about twenty-one percent head off to the Sunshine State. That’s a big chunk of them ending up in Florida.

Of course, New Yorkers head to other destinations as well. For example, New Jersey gets about 15.5 percent of them. Pennsylvania gets about 7.1 percent of New Yorkers and North Carolina gets about 8.1 percent.

California is another destination for New Yorkers. You’d think a lot of them would end up in sunny California but only 6.4 percent of them do. That’s quite a small amount as compared to the number of New Yorkers moving to Florida.

Interestingly, Texas gets only about 6.1 percent of New Yorkers. Considering the sunny weather of Texas, that’s a small percentage of New Yorkers ending up in that particular state.

The other states New Yorkers end up moving to Connecticut, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. These states get less than five percent of New Yorkers moving in. The numbers show that Florida is the top favorite destination of New York snowbirds.

Why Snowbirds Love Florida

There’s no doubt that a huge percentage of New Yorkers are heading off to Florida. Why shouldn’t they? The weather in Florida is fantastic. It’s incomparable to the weather in other sunny states such as California.

For starters, Florida weather is more tropical. Although it’s considered to be the most humid state in the county, Florida boasts of fantastic beaches that remain warm throughout the year. That’s a good enough reason for snowbirds of New York to come over.

Aside from the warm beaches, Florida offers a lot of exciting places to see. Snowbirds can explore the many tourist destinations Florida is known for. Natural wonders such as the Everglades National Park, Busch Gardens, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Dry Tortugas National Park, and Biscayne National Park are just a few of the wonderful places for the snowbirds of New York.

There are more exciting places to see in Florida. Ocala, the horse capital of the world is in the heart of Florida. This is another great Florida destination for snowbirds.

Reasons Why Snowbirds Stay

Snowbirds come and go. A good number of them, most especially the elderly, convert themselves to full-time residents. There are a lot of good reasons why they decide to stay in Florida.

The many 55+ communities in Florida lure a lot of senior snowbirds to stay put. One very popular 55+ community in Florida is The Villages. Considered to be the largest and most complete 55+ community in the whole world, The Villages is spread throughout three counties of Florida. These three counties are Marion, Lake, and Sumter counties.

The Villages is just one of the many 55+ communities in Florida. To say the least, there about 15 amazing 55+ communities just in the Ocala area alone. Each one of them is worth seeing if, in case, you’re interested in spending your retirement days in Sunny Florida.

It’s worth noting that choosing a 55+ community is not a random decision that you should make. You need all the help that you can get from real estate experts.

The 55Next real estate team specializes in the 55+ communities in the Ocala area. They can help you out with all your queries.

The fact that there are a lot of 55+ communities in Florida is just one of the reasons why senior snowbirds decide to convert into full-time residents. With Florida’s affordable cost of living, it’s a no-brainer for senior snowbirds to stay put in the Sunshine State.

It’s safe to say that New Yorkers are snowbirding for a good reason. They’re heading to Florida to enjoy the tropical weather. As the senior snowbirds end up staying, there’s a huge possibility that the younger snowbirds will eventually end up doing the same thing.

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