The Top Sports at Ocala Palms Adult Community

It’s important to get into sports. No one is ever too old to enjoy it. Indulging in some kind of sport is a good healthy habit.  It’s just a matter of choosing one that’s age-appropriate. These are the Top Sports at Ocala Palms Adult Community

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No matter how old you are, you should play some kind of sport. It’s good for both your mental and physical health. This is scientifically backed up. According to playing some sports leads to successful aging. While most seniors get into sports for health-related issues, they reap more benefits than expected. They get to experience camaraderie, competition, and achievement; all of which can greatly contribute to successful aging. 

Suffice it to say, it’s crucial for seniors to integrate sports in their daily life. Hence, it is the reason why 55+ communities like Ocala Palms feature a lot of sports amenities for their residents. 

Ocala Palms is one of the most exclusive communities in the area. It’s a gated community that features top-notch recreation facilities and amenities. There’s a good reason why this exclusive community takes pride in its recreation facilities and amenities. It promotes an active adult lifestyle. 

To see the wonderful recreation facilities and amenities of Ocala Palms, get in touch with the real estate experts at 55Next. Certified and trained by Keller Williams, they can show around Ocala Palms. You’ll see how spectacular the recreation facilities and sports amenities of this particular 55+ community. 

To learn more about the sports amenities of Ocala Palms. Read on and learn more about the top 7 sports that you can enjoy in Ocala Palms. 


Tennis is a great sport to play. Contrary to what other folks think, tennis is great for seniors as well. A lot of racket sports have evolved from tennis to suit the aging body. There’s nothing wrong with that but truth be told, tennis can be played by anyone. There’s no need to change the game. Tennis can be played less vigorously without having to change the size of the racket or court.  

Hence, seniors can continue playing this sport. That is if they have been playing it in the past. Furthermore, tennis is also a great sport to take up in your senior years. If you want to learn something new right now, tennis is a great option. 

According to playing tennis can contribute to the longevity of life. The fact that you can play tennis as a team, you get to interact with other folks. Aside from the physical benefits, playing tennis can also keep your mind sharp. Before you can score in tennis, you need to strategize your shots and that’s more than enough to keep your mind working. 

The one thing you need to consider when playing tennis is the surface of the court. It’s safer to play on a soft surface. That’s exactly the kind of surface you get from the tennis courts in Ocala Palms.  

The accommodating 55 Next real estate experts can show you how safe the tennis courts of Ocala Palms are. Call them at 352-244-8977 to visit Ocala Palms. 

Table Tennis 

Table tennis goes way back. It was invented at the onset of the 20th century in England. What started as social diversion evolved as a serious sport. It slowly came about when players of lawn tennis wanted to take the sport indoor. 

It’s fun to play table tennis. The fact that it can be played indoors makes it a great choice for seniors. However, this is one sport that shouldn’t be undermined. Table tennis is a fast sport. That tiny ball is pretty hard to keep in play. 

Nonetheless, it’s a great sport for seniors to explore. Be it slow or fast, table tennis can be played at any pace. According to the risk of getting injured while playing table tennis is pretty low. If that’s not enough of a benefit, the same source adds that table tennis might just be able to prevent dementia. It can be designed as a therapy for seniors suffering from the early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Table tennis is one of the top sports in Ocala Palms. Residents have access to this fun sport at any time of the day. 


Bocce is an Italian sport but it’s also popular in countries such as France and Spain. It’s an ancient sport, dating back to the Roman Empire. Two thousand years after, it’s still pretty popular. 

One of the most logical reasons why bocce is perfect for seniors is that it’s not as strenuous as the other sports. Nonetheless, this sport has tons of benefits as well. According to it’s an easy way to get some light cardio workout. It’s also great for flexibility and coordination. 

The mind works as well even in a leisure game of bocce. A lot of strategic planning is involved to win the game. 

It’s no wonder Ocala Palms features world-class bocce courts. There are 6 bocce courts in Ocala Palms, to cater to the limited number of residents. 

The world-class sports amenities of Ocala Palms are worth seeing. Since this is a gated community, you would need to seek help to see the whole place. For hassle-free viewing of Ocala Palms, call the real estate experts at 55Next.  


Croquet is another great sport for seniors. It can be played anywhere but Ocala Palms features a grand designated are for croquet.

The benefits of playing croquet are limitless. Aside from the fitness benefits, there are mental benefits as well. According to focus, precision, and mental clarity are enhanced when playing croquet lawn. 

Croquet is a mild way of getting some physical and mental workout. The fact that it’s played outdoors brings tons of benefits to the players.  For starters, outdoor playing can lessen the chances of getting depressed. That matters a lot for seniors. 

Check out how Ocala Palms encourages its residents to enjoy the outdoors. Have one of the real estate experts at 55Next show you around. 


This is another ancient sport. The nice thing about horseshoes is that it can be played by anyone. According to even a two-year-old can play. If it’s good enough for a two-year-old, then it’s good enough for a senior as well. 

Playing a game of horseshoe is a mild way to get some exercise. The fact that you’re standing, bending, and walking to play the game provides some kind of physical workout 

However, there’s more than just physical workout when playing a game of horseshoe. The mind works as well when you throw the shoes. It also entails some serious hand-eye coordination. Since it’s a kind of sport that can be played with other folks, it becomes some kind of social activity as well. 

You can check out the horseshoe pits in Ocala Palms. The real estate team of  55Next will be more than happy to take you around this exclusive 55+ community. 


If there’s one sport that benefits the entire body, it’s swimming. According to the many benefits of swimming are the following. 

  • Works the entire body; 
  • Works the inside of the body as well; 
  • A safe sport for folks with arthritis, injuries, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and other health conditions; 
  • Burns a lot of calories; 
  • Improves sleep; 
  • Boost mood; and
  • Relieves stress. 

The best thing about swimming that it’s great for folks of all ages. Hence, it’s safe for seniors as well.  there’s little risk of injury with this low impact sport. 

There is no shortage of swimming pools in Ocala Palms. Residents can choose between the outdoor and indoor pools. Both pools are perfect for some laps. 

See for yourself how inviting the swimming pools are in Ocala Palms. Call the 55 Next real estate experts at 352-244-8977. 


One of the many splendid features of Ocala Palms is its 18-hole championship golf course. Since golf is a great sport for seniors, residents of Ocala Palms have easy access, not just to a championship golf course but to a lush putting green and driving range as well.

There’s no doubt that golf is the top sport in Ocala Palms. It’s for that reason that this 55+ community is a choice for seniors who want to devote their whole life to the sport. 

Seniors benefit a lot from playing golf. According to golf enhances the quality of life. It’s not just physically beneficial for seniors, it’s socially beneficial as well. 

With the amount of walking and standing that golf entails, balance and strength are enhanced. It also improves cognitive processing.  

Ocala Palms presents a lot of opportunities to play golf. Even if you’ve never played the sport before, you will be encouraged to take it up. It’s such a wonderful sport to learn and to indulge. There’s no doubt that golf will keep your body and mind in good health. 

Are you a golf enthusiast? If you are, come and see the magnificent golf course in the Ocala Palms. Connect with the real estate experts at 55Next to gain access to this exclusive 55+ community

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