5 Valid Reasons Why Marion Landing is a Great Home for Seniors

A home for seniors has various meanings. For most folks, home is where the heart is. For seniors, this is very applicable. Hence, it’s the reason why it’s hard to find a new home for seniors. Should they just stay home and age exactly where they are or should they find a new home in a 55+ community?

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The rise in popularity of 55+ communities is making a lot of seniors curious. The fact that they now have the option to live actively in a well-maintained community excites them. However, it’s not easy to uproot. In the same way, it’s not easy to age in place as well. 

Since living in a 55+ community guarantees an active adult lifestyle, seniors are leaning toward this option.  Who can blame them? According to Marketwatch.com five percent of American seniors are now living in retirement communities. When you take some time to look at some of the 55+ communities, it’s easy to understand why seniors are opting for this particular option. 

The active adult lifestyle of 55+ communities comes with a lot of perks. You’ll see a lot of 55+ communities with awesome facilities and amenities. These pedestrian-friendly communities ensure that their residents spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Most 55+ communities offer low-maintenance houses but that’s not enough to call them homes. It takes a lot for an abode to transform into a home. Truth be told, it’s not just the structure of the abode that makes it a home. 

A great home is situated in a safe community like Marion Landing. While this is not a gated community, It’s secure. A security patrol roams the community at night.  Marion Landing offers more than just tight security. Read on to learn why Marion Landing is a great home for seniors. 

#5. A Good Location 

Creating a new home is not an overnight thing. It starts by purchasing a new house in a well-located community. The fact is, seniors can’t afford to live in a faraway place. No matter how plush the 55+ community, it’s hard to call it a home when it’s located far, far away. 

Seniors need immediate access to commercial areas. It’s not a luxury for them to live near hospitals, pharmacies, banks, and malls; it’s a must. 

Marion Landing is one 55+ community that’s in a good location. It’s pretty close to major hospitals, shopping malls, and other commercial areas since it’s right off SR 200. Residents of Marion Landing don’t have to go far to get their basic needs. There’s a commercial area nearby. 

They also don’t need to go far for their medical needs since major hospitals are pretty near Marion Landing as well. 

It’s easy to transform a house into a home in Marion Landing. Since Marion Landing is in a very good location, residents are not stressed to fulfill their basic needs. 

If you want to see how great the location of Marion Landing is, get in touch with the real estate experts at 55Next. They can help you find the perfect home in Marion Landing. 

#4. Small-Town Feel  

Another good reason why Marion Landing is a great home for seniors is that it provides them a small-town feel. This is not a huge 55+ community. With just 600 single-family home units, it’s easy to feel right at home in this particular 55+ community. 

Marion Landing provides a small-town feel. Everybody knows each other. It’s easy to feel right at home. New neighbors are welcomed immediately. 

The best way for you to experience the small-town feel of Marion Landing is by getting with a real estate expert at 55Next. Call 352-244-8977 to connect to one.     

#3. Great Staff 

Marion Landing boasts a great staff that’s friendly and very accommodating. While residents are independently living in Marion Landing, they always have a friendly and accommodating staff to rely on. 

Having a great staff is critical in a 55+ community. It provides peace of mind for residents. Seniors need all the support that they can get. 

So, if you’re looking for a 55+ community, it’s critical to look into the support system. A well-trained staff provides awesome customer service and support. That’s the kind of team you’ll get from Marion Landing. 

The real estate experts at 55next can show you how great the staff of Marion Landing is. Call them now. 

#2. Established Homeowners’ Association 

The one thing Marion Landing takes pride in is its established homeowners’ association. From 2015 to 2017, the homeowners’ association fee of Marion Landing was $112 per month. This covers exterior home maintenance, shared facilities, and 35.000 gallons of water per quarter. 

The homeowners’ association fee of Marion Landing has increased over the years. As of January 23, 2019, it’s at $ 127 a month. This is still pretty affordable considering it also covers sewer and water.   

As a future home buyer, it’s critical to learn about the homeowner’s association. According to Bobvila.com, you should look into the coverage of the homeowner’s association. One thing is for sure, it increases over time. 

Keep in mind that the real estate team at 55Next can help you dissect the homeowner’s association of Marion Landing for better understanding. 

#1. Low-Maintenance Homes  

A house can easily transform into a home if it’s well-maintained. The single-family home units of Marion Landing require very little maintenance, thanks to the wide-open floor plans. Aside from the fact that these homes are energy-efficient, they’re very easy to clean and maintain as well. 

Furthermore, residents are spared from the tedious task of maintaining their lawn and home exterior. Thanks to the wide coverage of the homeowner’s association fee.  

With low-maintenance houses, residents can easily create a home in Marion Landing. They can concentrate on creating memories in and out of their lovely home. 

It takes some time to create a home in a new community but in Marion Landing, it won’t take too long. You’ll feel right at home here. 

Let the 55 Next real estate experts show you around Marion Landing home for seniors. Get in touch with them by calling 352-244-8977. 

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