Ocala Palms: How the Community Encourages Residents to Walk 

Walking is good for everybody. It’s a great way to stay healthy. There’s no doubt about it. If it’s good for all, then it’s definitely good for seniors as well.

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Seniors need all the exercise they can get. However, that doesn’t mean that they can just choose any kind of exercise.  They have to be careful. According to Helpguide.org, there are a couple of things seniors need to consider to safely embark on a regular exercise routine. For starters, seniors need to get clearance from their doctor.  Only a doctor can tell if the exercise is safe enough for a senior. 

Even though seniors need to consult their doctor before embarking on an exercise routine, there’s no doubt that they need to integrate it into their daily life. Exercise or any kind of physical activity can help in prolonging life. According to a Swedish study, it contributes greatly to longevity.  

Hence, it is the reason why so many 55+ communities promote an active adult lifestyle. These communities feature a lot of sports amenities to ensure their residents are physically active. Getting into a sport is a great way to be physically active. However, not all are inclined to enjoy sports. 

For seniors who don’t enjoy sports, there is one simple way to get physically active and that is by walking. Walking is the easiest and safest exercise for seniors. It is also the most affordable. It doesn’t require any kind of special equipment except for a good pair of comfortable shoes. 

One active adult community that makes it very easy for residents to take a daily walk is Ocala Palms. This is a gated, active adult community that provides a lot of space for residents to take a daily walk. It’s a beautiful neighborhood and if you’re interested in seeing it, feel free to get with the real estate experts at 55Next.  

How Walking Benefits Seniors 

There’s a good reason why active adult communities promote walking. It’s good for their health. According to Betterhealth.vic.gov.au walking strengthens muscles and bones, prevents osteoporosis, helps reduce blood pressure, improves balance and coordination, increases confidence and mood, improves energy level, increases stamina, and reduces anxiety; to mention a few.  

It’s clear to see that the benefits of walking for seniors are endless. Walking is the perfect exercise for seniors who don’t want to get into sports. It’s no wonder active adult communities feature a lot of walking and biking trails for the residents. 

Ocala Palms offers more than just walking and biking trails for its residents. There are two easy ways this particular 55+ community encourages its residents to walk.  

Ocala Palms Offers a Serene Setting Perfect for Walking 

Ocala Palms is a safe community. There’s no doubt about it. This exclusive community carefully screens non-residents who want to go through the gates. Given that layer of security, the residents feel safe. They’re sure that there aren’t any strangers loitering around. Hence, residents won’t have to think twice about going out of their homes to take a walk. They can just do it at any time of the day. 

Aside from the safe surroundings of Ocala Palms, the serene setting of this lovely community helps encourage the residents to take a daily walk.  The rolling hills and shady trees make it hard for the residents to stay indoors. 

The natural beauty of the community easily lures the residents to spend a lot of time outside their home. Since Ocala Palms is a golf-cart friendly neighborhood, there aren’t a lot of cars passing by. This, again, makes it very safe for the residents to take a walk. They can just take their daily walk on the wide sidewalks. That is if they don’t feel like using the walking and biking trails. 

Thanks to the serene setting of Ocala Palms, residents don’t have to think twice about going out of their homes to take a daily walk. This is one safe community where residents can spend a lot of time outdoors.

Safety is a critical feature of a community, let alone a community for seniors. If you’re on a lookout for a 55+ community that offers high-level security, then come and see for yourself how Ocala Palms secures the neighborhood. Get with the real estate experts of 55Next to show you around. 

Ocala Palms Showcases Acres of Verdant Grounds

Even though Ocala Palms is a mid-sized community, it showcases acres of verdant grounds. There’s just so much space for the residents to move around. Even if the outdoor grounds are complete with a championship golf course and other sports amenities, the residents still have vast spaces to walk around. 

Ocala Palms is not a crowded community. With its limited number of homes, there aren’t a lot of folks to bump into. Furthermore, the homes, facilities, and outdoor amenities are well-spaced. The smart layout of this particular community makes it very easy for the residents to enjoy their daily walk. 

Ocala Palms acknowledges the fact that some residents may not want to get into sports. By providing acres of verdant grounds, residents can stay active by simply taking a walk. They’re not, in any way, compelled to take up a sport that they’re not interested in. 

Residents of Ocala Palms are easily encouraged to take their daily walk. They’re not compelled to do it, Instead, it almost feels natural for them to go out and take a walk.  In the most subtle way, the residents of Ocala Palms are active. 

An active adult community is not hard to find, especially in the Ocala area. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy for you to choose one. It’s always safer to get with a real estate expert to help you find the right community to suit your needs. 

The real estate experts of 55Next can show you around Ocala Palms. If you feel that this is the right active adult community for yourself, then call 352-244-8977 now.  

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