New Yorker’s Are Moving to Florida in Record Numbers!

New York is an amazing place. Well, for some folks, it is. There are a lot of folks who dream of living in New York. Why not? After all, New York is an exciting place to be. However, not everybody’s the same. While there are folks who want to live in New York, there are some who want to get out. And yes, they have gotten out and are moving to Florida.. 

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According to, New York is losing its residents. This state seems to have the highest number of folks migrating to another area. Guess what? Florida seems to be a very popular destination for New Yorker’s seeking a new home.

The numbers show that 21% of the 1.4 million New Yorkers chose to live in Florida between the years 2011 to 2018.  That’s a huge percentage of New Yorkers opting for a sunnier state. Then again; who can blame them? 

Why Florida? 

The same source cited above further adds that New Jersey is another favorite destination for New Yorkers. Nonetheless, Florida is still a top choice. As a matter of fact, the Sunshine State now has more people than New York. Suffice it to say, the population of New York is slowly declining. 

Who can blame the New Yorker’s for seeking new turfs in Florida?  How can anyone resist the year-long sunshine that comes with moving to Florida? 

Florida is such an alluring state that it can easily transform a snowbird to become a full-time resident. The sunny weather is just one of the most obvious reasons as to why New Yorkers and travelers love this state.  

There are a lot of valid and practical reasons why Florida is a popular destination for New Yorkers seeking a new home. For starters, the cost of living in Florida is more reasonable than in New York. That pretty much is a very obvious reason. 

Florida is a tax-friendly state. Homebuyers can even avail of the Homestead exemption. It’s not at all surprising why New Yorkers want to live in Florida. They get to break away from all the financial stress of New York. 

A More Relaxed Scene 

Face it. Life gets pretty hectic in New York. While some might find it exciting, it can get pretty tiring as well. The wintertime doesn’t make it any easier for some.

Imagine having to layer all those heavy winter clothes just to leave the house? While that might sound appealing to the younger generation, it might not be the same for the young at heart folks.

Luckily, the young at heart folks have options. They don’t have to settle for the cold and hectic life in New York. They can explore Florida to experience a more relaxed scene. 

The young at heart folks will find it more relaxing to retire in Florida. For starters, most of the leading retirements communities are located in Florida. Life inside these communities is very relaxing.  

On Top Of The World is one amazing retirement community in Ocala, Florida. This gated community is more like an oasis in paradise. Imagine having access to resort-like amenities like swimming pools, spas, saunas, fitness centers, and various courts for racket sports; to mention a few. 

On Top Of The World provides first-class accommodations to young at heart folks who have had it with New York. Here, folks can get around in a community in a golf cart. That’s something you can’t do in New York unless you are in a golf course, right? 

It’s a no-brainer. Life is more relaxed in Florida, which makes it very attractive to New Yorkers moving to Florida. 

Florida is the Top Destination for the Young at Heart Folks 

While there is a huge number of New Yorkers migrating to Florida, reports show that baby boomers are also choosing the Sunshine State over the other states. According to, Florida has the highest migration numbers at 57, 724 seniors. That’s a pretty high number as compared to the other states. 

With such a high number of retirees moving to Florida, you might think that it’s a pretty crowded area. Well, think again. Despite the high number of retirees in Florida, this Sunshine State is not crowded at all. Thanks to the well-planned retirement communities in the various areas of Florida.

One good example of a well-planned retirement community is On Top Of The World. This is a new community compared to others in the same area. It’s not as large as the other as well. It’s great for retirees who are looking for an intimate community. 

There’s a lot to expect and explore when moving to Florida. Clearly, this state is not just a travel destination. It’s also a great option to call home for both young and old folks.  

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