On Top Of The World: The Place Where You Can Vacation For The Rest Of Life

Going through my news feed, I came across an article on Moving.com. The article made me smile. As someone who has moved from New York to Florida, I just couldn’t help but agree with the 10 reasons why moving to On Top Of The World Florida is a good idea – Vacation For The Rest Of Life. 

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My wife and I made that move as well. To this day, we don’t regret it. As a matter of fact, we know pretty well that we made the right choice.  

More Than Just The Sunny Weather 

I have come across a lot of articles on why Florida is a top choice among retirees such as myself. The first reason as to why Florida is a top choice is usually the weather. There’s a good reason why it’s called the Sunshine State, right? 

Well, I do agree. Now that I’m a resident of Florida, I can tell you that it does get pretty warm. If you’re looking for a place to live here in Florida, it’s important that you look at the community pretty well. 

You have to choose a community that’s not crowded because it’s no joke to live in an area that’s hot and crowded. My wife and I were pretty lucky to have chosen a place that’s very comfortable to live in. 

We currently reside in On Top Of The World and we are loving it here. The community is not as crowded as compared to the others. It doesn’t get as hot as well since there are a lot of shady trees. The balmy breezes blow even on hot days. 

That’s a pretty important thing to consider if you are looking to make that move to Florida. You need to make sure that the community you’re moving to is well-landscaped so that the hot afternoons can be more bearable.  

Are The Beaches Really Fantastic In Florida? 

Yes, a lot has been written about the amazing white-sand beached of Florida. As a matter of fact, these beaches are one of the main attractions of this sunny state.

Are they really that fantastic? You know what? I haven’t seen them all. Hence, I can’t really answer the question.

One thing I can tell you is that there are a lot of awesome places to explore here in Ocala. You see, On Top Of The World is located in Ocala. We’re pretty much in the central part of Florida. While we’re not too far from the awesome white-sand beaches of Miami, we are pretty near some amazing places as well. 

There are a lot of freshwater springs in Ocala. Before wandering off to the crowded beaches of the city, it’s worth taking a dip in the following nearby springs: 

  • K.P Hole Park in Dunnellon 
  • Alexander Springs in Ocala National Forest 
  • Salt Springs in Marion County
  • Silver Springs in Ocala 
  • Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon

These are just some of the amazing springs in our area. They’re all definitely worth seeing before wandering off to the white-sand beaches in the cities. 

Living The Life 

One of the common reasons as to why Florida is a great place to move into is because of its vacation ambiance. Given the sunny weather and all the wonderful tourist attractions of Florida, your mind instantly gets into a vacation mode. That’s understandable since Florida is a very popular vacation destination. 

My wife and I enjoyed being snowbirds in Florida until we decided to make the move. Now that we’re full-time residents of the On Top Of The World active adult community, we are loving it even more. I can easily say that we are living the life. To this day, my wife and I still feel like we’re on vacation. 

For about two years, my wife and I were simply just snowbirds coming from New York. We wanted to avoid the dreadful winter. And we did. 

Of course, life was so much better in Florida. There was no doubt about it. Hence, it wasn’t hard for us to make the decision to move to Florida. 

Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the right resources to guide us. Hence, it took some time for us to find the right active adult community. 

After all the searching, we found that On Top Of The World in Ocala is the right active adult community for us. The first-class amenities will make you feel like you’re in a resort. The amazing landscape of the community gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility. 

Living in On Top Of The World really feels like we’re on a vacation. My wife and I are never stressed. We wake up. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Then head out in the community in our golf cart. This is the life. On Top Of The World is the perfect community where you can vacation for the rest of your life.  

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Explore the Best Active 55+ Retirement Communities in Florida

  1. On Top of the World
  2. The Villages
  3. Del Web Stone Creek
  4. Oak Run
  5. Trilogy at Ocala Preserve
  6. Spruce Creek Preserve (Del Web)
  7. Ocala Palms
  8. JP Ranch
  9. Marion Landing 
  10. Pine Run Estates
  11. Palm Cay
  12. Spruce Creek North (Del Web)
  13. Cherrywood Estates
  14. SummerGlen
  15. StoneCrest in Summerfield

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