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On Top of the World Pickleball is a funny-sounding sport. It doesn’t seem like a serious sport but it is. Regardless of how funny it sounds; it’s gaining popularity among adults. It’s so popular that in On Top of the World, there are 12 pickleball courts. This is to make sure that all the residents get to play the sport. 

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It’s also worth noting that the number of pickleball courts in On Top of the World outnumber the other sports amenities. That’s just how popular it is.   

There are valid reasons why pickleball is a very popular sport, especially among adults. Aside from the fact that it’s a fun sport to play, it’s also beneficial for health. 

Origin of the Sport 

While some folks have probably not heard of pickleball, there are some that might think that it’s a relatively new game that’s played in 55+ communities. Well, that’s not exactly the case. 

Pickleball goes way back in the 60s. To be exact, the year was 1965 when the game was invented.  Thanks to a couple of kids who were bored at that time, pickleball was born. Their dads came up with pickleball to keep them busy during the summer. 

The three creative dads who invented pickleball were Barnet McCallum, Joel Pritchard, and Bill Bell. Rumor has it that the sport was named after a pet named Pickles. 

Obviously, pickleball wasn’t exactly for the active adult. Since combines all the nonstrenuous elements of ping pong, tennis, and even volleyball; it has become wildly popular among active adults.  That pretty much explains why there are a lot of pickleball courts in On Top of the World. 

Even if it is a combination of various sports like ping pong, tennis, and volleyball; it’s safe to say that it resembles tennis the most. Players have the option to play singles or doubles, just like tennis. One player would also have to start the game with a serve. 

Unlike tennis, pickleball is less strenuous. Players don’t need to run around the court to hit the ball. The court is a lot smaller than a tennis court, making it a lot easier for the players to reach out for the ball. 

One of the many reasons why pickleball is a fun game is the fact that it does not require the use of heavy rackets. The paddles used for the game are very easy to use. Players can just hit the ball without having to think about techniques. 

Speaking of the ball used in pickleball, it does not travel as fast as a tennis ball. Hence, the player can stay at the net and not worry about getting hit or hurt by the ball. 

On Top of the World Keeps Residents Active and Healthy

On Top of the World features 12 pickleball courts to keep their residents active and healthy. As mentioned previously, pickleball is not just a fun game to play. There are a lot of health benefits with playing pickleball. 

According to Aarp.org, it can help lower the risk of getting depression. That’s not all it can do for you. Playing it can also help improve cardiorespiratory fitness and blood pressure. This is backed up by research conducted by the Western State Colorado University. It studied fifteen adults, middle-aged and older, who played pickleball regularly. Their regular schedule was playing 3x a week for just one hour. This went on for six weeks. The results were astounding. Their blood pressure improved and so did their cardiorespiratory fitness. 

Since pickleball is not as strenuous as tennis, it becomes a fun game to play. There are fewer chances of getting injured. Hence, adults can afford to play it regularly. It’s a great way to get some physical exercise without harming the body. 

The fact that pickleball is a group game, players can easily connect socially. Social connections can help ward off depression. Both the social and physical benefits of playing an odd-sounding sport like pickleball can really do wonders for the health. 

It’s no wonder On Top of the World features 12 top-notch pickleball courts inside the community. Residents need not worry about running out of pickleball courts to play on. They can always play the sport anytime they want. They can even form a group so that they can play the sport regularly. 

Pickleball is just one of the many ways On Top of the World can keep their residents active and healthy. The easy access to pickleball courts provides residents a fun way to sweat it out with friends. 

Pickleball is not just for Adults 

While pickleball is widely played inside 55+ communities like On Top of the World, don’t for a second think that it’s a game solely for active adults. Truth be told, it’s not.

A lot of young adults love the game as well. As a matter of fact, there has been a huge switch from tennis to pickleball considering the fact that the latter is less strenuous on the body.  

Pickleball requires less technicality in executing the strokes, unlike in tennis. That’s a huge factor for some folks who just want to get a great sweat. They don’t need to worry about executing a great stroke to get a score. Itl is simply about getting the ball in play. As players focus on keeping the ball in play, it just becomes fun to play. 

It’s for that reason that more and more folks are getting into the sport. It’s no longer a sport for just the young at heart.  The number of folks playing the sport in a short time increased tremendously. According to Nbcnews.com, there has been a 650% increase in folks playing the sport. That surge in increase happened only in a span of six years. That’s a lot of folks playing it. 

Pickleball is a great sport for all kinds of folks. Young and young at heart will definitely benefit from playing it. It’s no wonder On Top of the World guarantees easy access to the sport. 

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