Cherrywood Estates: Country Living in the City

City life isn’t so bad. That is if you live in a good area. Ocala is one good example of a city where you can find a good area to live in. Yes, it’s possible to find the perfect blend of country and city living in Ocala. You just have to get with the right real estate experts who can help you find it. The team is composed of certified real estate experts. They can help you find the perfect area in cherrywood estates Ocala so that you can experience country living in the city.

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When it comes to 55+ communities, the team is knowledgeable about them. They have been fully trained to work with retirees. Their industry knowledge can help provide plenty of options for retirees looking for a suitable 55+ community. If there’s one thing retirees need is to live in an area where they can experience the best of both country and city living.

One great option for retirees is the Cherrywood Estates. This is one of the many 55+ communities located in the city of City. Unlike the other 55+ communities in the Ocala area, Cherrywood Estates isn’t that big.

Cherrywood Estates is a Close-Knit Community

With just 700 homes, this particular 55+ community provides the serenity and peacefulness retirees are seeking for. As you very well know, serenity and peacefulness are components of country living.

According to, one of the many reasons why country living is a lot better than city living is because of its peaceful atmosphere. There’s definitely no debate about that.
Country living is spared from the noise of motorists. Furthermore, the neighbors are usually quiet simply because the houses aren’t so close to each other.

Well, if you look at Cherrywood Estates, the first thing you will notice is that there aren’t a lot of cars passing by. Even if it’s not a gated community, the roads aren’t too busy. As a matter of fact, this particular 55+ community is pedestrian-friendly with wide sidewalks and vast spaces. You can always take a leisurely walk at any time of the day. You will always feel safe.

Another thing worth mentioning about Cherrywood Estates is that the homes are well-spaced. They are built on spacious lots. Hence, residents enjoy huge lawns. Thanks to the limited number of homes in this particular 55+ community, residents can enjoy some privacy from their neighbors. The well-spaced homes of Cherrywood Estates provide some semblance of country living.

Friendly neighbors

The same source adds another critical reason why it’s better to live in the country than in the city. It states that country living is hard to give up because of friendly neighbors. Again, that’s undebatable.

Having friendly neighbors is critical for senior living. Building connections and making friends can help ease loneliness. The website,, cites a Cigna survey conducted in 2018. According to the said survey, forty-six percent of American seniors feel lonely.

The changes brought about by ageing can make a person feel very lonely. Family members move away. Friends pass on. These are just some of the many changes that can affect the ageing process. Needless to say, there are also biological changes that are brought about by the ageing process.

The neighborhood of Cherrywood Estates is very friendly. Residents don’t feel lonely in this particular 55+ community. Instead, they experience a close-knit county life atmosphere in Cherrywood Estates.

You can see for yourself how peaceful and quiet the atmosphere is at Cherrywood Estates. With the help of the real estate team, you can always drop by and check out the community. To learn more about the wonderful homes of Cherrywood Estates, create an account on to gain access to all the search features it offers.

The Commercial Area is Nearby

One of the disadvantages of country living (which could also be an advantage for some) is that it’s far away from commercial areas. Country living is often associated with remote areas that are far from malls, banks, and hospitals.

Seniors can’t afford to live remotely. They need to have easy access to commercial areas where there are top-notch medical facilities. The location of Cherrywood Estates provides easy access to top-notch hospitals such as Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital, Ocala Reginal Medical Center, and Kindred Hospital Ocala.

Since it’s easy to access I-75 from Cherrywood Estates, residents won’t find it hard to get to other commercial areas such as malls, banks, and drug stores.

The convenience of living in Cherrywood Estates is brought about by easy access to the main thoroughfares. What this means for you is that you won’t have a hard time dropping by to check out the place. Just get with the real estate team to assist you.

Residents are Busy in Cherrywood Estates

You know how it is when you live in the county and there’s nothing to do? On the contrary, you live in the city and there’s just so much to do. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a community that provides some semblance of country life and at the same time still have meaningful activities to do to?

Well, you can experience country living in Cherrywood Estates but you definitely won’t end up bored. This particular 55+ community offers a lot of activities for its residents. The fact that it’s located in sunny Ocala, makes it easy for the residents to stay outdoors.

Country living is characterized by a lot by outdoor activities. One thing is for sure, residents enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in Cherrywood Estates.

For starters, they can always swim in the community’s resort-like outdoor pool. Surrounded by tropical trees, the outdoor pool of Cherrywood Estates is a wonderful sight.

Swimming isn’t the only activity that keeps the residents busy in Cherrywood Estates. They can play sports such as tennis, horseshoe pits, bocce, shuffleboard, and basketball.

Social activities are also abundant in Cherrywood Estates. These indoor activities are opportunities for residents to learn and connect with their neighbours. Examples of such activities are needlecraft, painting, quilting, and bowling. Hence, the many activities of Cherrywood Estates can keep their residents busy.

So, if you’re looking for a 55+ community in an area that has some semblance to the countryside, then consider Cherrywood Estates. Learn more about this serene 55+ community from the real experts at You can call them now at 352-244-8977.

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