Del Webb Stone Creek’s Unusual Way to Keep its Residents Active

Del Webb  Stone Creek is an adult enclave. Developed by Del Webb, this is a gated 55+ community located in Ocala, Florida. It’s not that big, with just 3,800 single-family homes. Homes are available on both resale and new construction bases. This is a great 55+ community to consider if you’re looking for one that’s not too crowded.

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The amenities of Stone Creek are luxurious enough to be considered world-class. This particular 55+ community looks more like a resort with tropical trees, magnificent swimming pools, and a championship golf course; to name a few.

There’s, no doubt, Stone Creek is one plush 55+ community. However, you shouldn’t just base a 55+ community on its amenities. The best way to gauge it is by getting with a team of real estate experts who can answer all your questions about retirement living. The real estate team at is composed of experts who have been trained and certified to work with retirees. You can call them at 352-244-8977.

Committed to providing the best active adult lifestyle, Stone Creek offers various sports amenities. One unique amenity it offers is a catch and release fishing lake. The question is, is fishing beneficial to the health of a senior?

According to, fishing benefits seniors. No wonder, Stone Creek provides its residents with the chance to fish. With its Catch & Release Fishing Lake, residents can experience a relaxing activity that’s good for their health. Read on to learn how fishing benefits seniors.

Stone Creek Residents Can Catch Some Fresh Air

Like all 55+ communities, Stone Creek encourages its residents to spend more time outdoors. For obvious reasons; fresh air is good for seniors.

However, Stone Creek offers an unusual amenity that’s not too common among 55+ communities and that is the Catch & Release Fishing Lake. This is one amenity that makes recreational fishing possible. When a fish is caught, it’s returned to the water.

As residents of Stone Creek spend time in the Catch & Release Fishing Lake, they get their daily dose of fresh air. They need all the fresh air that they can get. According to, Fresh air, together with a bit of sunshine can help improve the quality of sleep. It can also enhance the way the brain functions.

The Catch & Release Fishing Lake of Stone Creek is also perfect for some residents who aren’t into sports. It’s definitely a good option for residents who are looking for a more relaxing activity to keep them active.

Del Webb Stone Creek Residents Can Get Some Exercise

Did you know that fishing is a good form of exercise? Well, it is. No matter where you go fishing, you would have to walk to get to the lake.

It’s the same thing with the Catch & Release Fishing Lake. Residents would have to walk to get there. That itself is good exercise. Handling the fishing gear is also a great form of exercise. It’s not too strenuous but it will stretch some muscles.

Del Webb Stone Creek Residents Can Appreciate Nature

The Catch & Release Fishing Lake is a great outdoor amenity for residents to appreciate nature. It’s a great venue for them to come to terms with nature.

They can appreciate the serenity and tranquillity of the area. When they do, they’ll be able to relax. The serenity and tranquillity of the lake will have a calming effect on them. There’s just no doubt that the feeling of calmness is good for the health.

The Catch & Release Fishing Lake is a spectacular sight inside the Stone Creek community. It’s one of the many plush amenities that make Del Webb Stone Creek a world-class 55+ community. You can drop by and see this particular 55+ community with the help of a real estate expert from

You can easily connect with the 55Next real estate team by using this contact form or by giving them a call now at 352-244-8977.

Fishing in Del Webb Stone Creek Can Help Residents Become More Alert

Did you know that fishing can help seniors become more alert? Well, it can. This outdoor activity stimulates cognitive processes, making seniors more alert. That makes a lot of sense since they have to be on the lookout for fish.

The Catch & Release Fishing Lake is a Great Venue for Relaxation

More than anything else, the magnificent Catch & Release Fishing Lake is a great relaxing venue for residents. The residents can just hang out and enjoy the serenity of the water. The calming effect of the water refreshes the mind, body, and soul.

There’s no doubt that fishing is a great way to keep seniors active. Hence, the Catch & Release Fishing Lake in Stone Creek is a marvelous option for residents who want a less strenuous activity.

Stone Creek is a great 55+ community to live in. You can start searching for homes in this beautiful 55+.

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