6 Reasons Why Marion Landing is a Great 55+ Community to Live In

Have you heard of Nextdoor.com? If not, well, it’s a neighborhood hub for reliable connections. Folks who use it are called neighbors and that belong to a neighborhood. Neighbors have access to trusted services, goods, and information on Nextdoor.com. This particular platform is definitely a reliable source for users.On Nextdoor.com, you will find a Marion Landing neighborhood. This is composed of verified neighbors belonging to the Nextdoor Marion Landing neighborhood. What’s interesting is that the neighbors have listed down the ten reasons why they love Marion Landing.

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This article will take 6 of those 10 reasons and relate them to the fact that Marion Landing is a great 55+ community to live in. Continue reading to learn about the 6 reasons that make Marion Landing an awesome 55+ community to settle down in.

1. Marion Landing is a Friendly 55+ Community to Live

One of the reasons why Marion Landing is a great 55+ community to live in is that it provides a friendly atmosphere. Unlike the other 55+ communities in the Ocala area, Marion Landing isn’t intimidating at all.

In terms of size, Marion Landing is not as large as the other 55+ communities in the Ocala area. With just 600 home units, you can be assured that it’s not as crowded as the other 55+ communities. It’s easy for the residents to get to know each other.

Marion Landing is pretty much a close-knit community where everybody knows everybody. It’s a friendly community where you will feel right at home.

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2. Marion Landing is a Welcoming 55+ Community

Since Marion Landing provides a friendly atmosphere, it comes without a doubt that it’s a welcoming 55+ community as well. New residents won’t have a hard time adjusting to life in Marion Landing.

It’s important for new residents to feel welcome in a new community. More so for seniors moving to a 55+ community. The welcoming atmosphere of a 55+ Community to Live is critical to seniors.

New residents won’t have a hard time transitioning to their new surroundings. A welcoming atmosphere can easily help new residents connect to their neighbors. Hence, they won’t feel lonely and depressed.

According to Nhs.The UK, it’s critical for seniors to connect to others. It will make then feel appreciated and useful.

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3. Marion Landing is a Peaceful 55+ Community

The peacefulness of Marion Landing makes it a great place to live in. Residents won’t hesitate to go out of their homes. They can easily lead an active adult lifestyle. This pedestrian-friendly community makes it easy for residents to take a walk or stroll around the neighborhood.

Marion Landing is a safe community for seniors. Although it’s not a gated community, there is roaming security that protects the whole neighborhood. It’s no wonder a lot of the neighbors on Nextdoor.com find it a great place to live in.

4. Marion Landing is a Quiet 55+ Community

The peacefulness of Marion Landing contributes to the serenity of the community. This is a very quiet community. There aren’t a lot of cars that pass by. Hence, residents won’t have to deal with any kind of noise pollution.

Seniors deserve a quiet community to live in. Too much noise pollution can have a negative impact on their health. Hence, it’s the reason why Marion Landing is a quiet 55+ community.

5. Marion Landing is a Well-Maintained 55+ Community

Marion Landing takes pride in its solid homeowner’s association. The established homeowner’s association requires the residents to pay a very affordable monthly fee.

At present, the homeowner’s association fee is about 127 dollars a month. This is, no doubt, a very affordable rate even for retirees.

The longevity of the homeowner’s association in Marion Landing plays a big role in the maintenance of the whole community. With its affordable monthly fee, it covers a lot. It takes care of the maintenance of shared areas and facilities. At the same time, it also takes care of garbage, water, and sewer.

Thanks to the solid homeowner’s association, Marion Landing is a well-maintained 55+ community. This is attested by the neighbors on Nextdoor.com.

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6. Marion Landing is a Dog-Friendly 55+ Community

The fact that Marion Landing is a dog-friendly community makes it a great place to live in. This is one of the reasons why seniors are lured to this particular 55+ community.

Pet ownership is critical for seniors. According to Agingcare.com, animals can do wonders for the overall health of the seniors. For example, owning a pet can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Those are just a couple of benefits of owning a pet.

The same source states that owning a pet can also help seniors become more social. The fact that they would have to take the pet out for a walk provides a lot of chances for them to bump into a neighbor. Subtly, they get the physical exercise that they need as well. There’s just no doubt that pet ownership benefits seniors.

Seniors won’t find it hard to feel right at home in Marion Landing. It’s, no doubt, a great place to live in. Of course, it’s always better to see the community yourself.

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