Bowling for Seniors in Marion Landing: the Benefits

Bowling for seniors is a fun leisure activity. It’s also a great sport to get into. It may be a slow-paced sport but a lot of physical and mental efforts go into playing the sport. Having said that, do not undermine this sport. 

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Bowling works out your body without you knowing it. You will only realize it after you have played it. You’ll feel a bit of pain here and there but only because you’re not used to it.  The point is, it will work out your body. The more you get used to it, the better it will be for your body and overall health. 

As a slow-paced sport, it’s excellent for seniors who want to get active. It comes to no surprise that a 55+ community such as Marion Landing offers it to its residents. One of the many amenities of Marion Landing is an 8-lane bowling alley. That’s a lot of lanes for a 55+ community that only has 600 home units. 

Marion Landing is a relatively small 55+ community in Ocala. While it does provide a small-town feel, it’s not remotely located. It’s pretty close to commercial areas and hospitals. So, if you’re looking for a 55+ community with a small-town feel, then Marion Landing is one that’s worth considering. Keep in mind that the real estate experts at  55Next are certified and trained to show you around Marion Landing. 

Marion Landing promotes an active adult lifestyle by providing age-appropriate sports to is residents. As previously mentioned, bowling for seniors is one of the sports offered in this lovely 55+ community. 

What Research Suggests on Bowling for Seniors 

According to, bowling is a great way for seniors to get some exercise. It’s not too strenuous for them to get into bowling. Although it may take some time for the body to get used to it, it’s considered to be a very safe sport to get into. It’s doesn’t strain the body as much as the other sports. That’s what makes bowling a very safe sport for seniors. 

There’s no doubt that seniors benefit a lot from playing bowling. Read on to learn how the residents of Marion Landing are benefiting from playing bowling. 

Bowling Enhances the Physical Health of the Residents of Marion Landing

There’s a good reason why Marion Landing offers an 8-lane bowling alley for its residents. Playing bowling enhances physical health. 

The whole body benefits a lot from playing bowling. The nice thing about it is that the bowler doesn’t even realize how much exercise he or she is getting. 

Bowling for seniors burns about two hundred calories an hour. It’s pretty impossible to just play bowling for an hour. It’s such an enjoyable game that seniors can play it for hours. Without knowing it, seniors are getting a lot of exercise from all the walking and swinging from playing bowling. The actual throwing of the bowling ball is good for the joints.  That’s how beneficial bowling is to the physical health of the residents of Marion Landing. 

The real estate team of 55 Next specializes in 55+ communities such as Marion Landing. They’re also very knowledgeable of the active adult lifestyle that comes with a 55+ community. They’re the best resource for learning more about the active adult lifestyle offered in Marion Landing. Call them now at 352-244-8977. 

Bowling Enhances the Social Health of the Residents of Marion Landing 

Playing bowling is also a great way for seniors to socialize. Hence, it is the reason why Marion Landing provides its residents with free access to the 8-lane bowling alley in the Lifestyle Center. Yes, you read right. The residents can play bowling for free. Considering the fact that Marion Landing offers an 8-lane bowling alley, there’s more than enough lanes for the resident to enjoy bowling. 

The nice thing about being retired is that you have a lot of time on your hands. Hence, you can spend some of your precious time playing bowling. You get the exercise that you need and at the same time, you get the social interaction that’s critical in an active adult lifestyle. 

There’s a good reason why seniors need social interaction. According to the magazine, Psychology Today, social interaction is good for seniors. Even if they socialize for just once a week, their immune system benefits greatly as well. They’re less likely to feel depressed. Furthermore, they have less risk of getting cancer. 

Playing bowling is no doubt a critical activity for seniors who want to stay socially active. It’s no wonder Marion Landing ensures its residents have free access to an 8-lane bowling alley. 

Bowling Enhances the Mental Health of the Residents of Marion Landing 

Bowling is a game of strategy. It’s not just a matter of throwing the ball down the lane. It takes a lot of mental effort to score. 

Bowling entails a lot of strategic maneuvers. Bowlers need to visualize and maintain focus. These are ways for them to stay mentally aware during a game. 

The mental exercise seniors get from playing bowling is critical. It lowers the risk of mental illness.  According to, about 15% of seniors who are over 60 years old suffer from some kind of mental illness. 

It makes a lot of sense for Marion Landing to provide its residents free access to an 8-lane bowling alley. There’s just no doubt that they will benefit from playing this particular sport.  It’s good for their overall health. 

The best thing about playing bowling is that the residents of Marion Landing don’t have to put in a lot of effort to stay healthy. Bowling is such a fun game that the seniors wouldn’t even know that they’re getting a great workout for their body and mind. 

Finding a 55+ community that promotes an active adult lifestyle is not easy. There’s a good chance for you to get confused. Now, if you just want a low-key 55+ community, then Marion Landing is one that’s worth considering. 

Let the real estate experts at 55Next help you choose the most suitable 55+ community for the best years of your life. 

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