The Villages in Florida: A Favorite Snowbirds Destination

Snowbirds aren’t birds. They’re people just like you and me. It’s just that sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t. There’s a good reason why they come and go. For starters, it’s pretty much their choice to come and go. According to The Villages in Florida is a favorite snowbirds destination. To get away from the cold winter, they go south. One of their favorite snowbirds destinations in the south is The Villages

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Who are the Snowbirds?

Now, you might wonder; why are snowbirds going to a 55+ community like The Villages in Florida? Isn’t The Villages a community for retirees? 

Before we answer those two questions, let’s try to define snowbirds first. Snowbirds refer to a group of folks who travel seasonally. In most cases, snowbirds are retirees who choose to travel to a warmer place when it’s wintertime in their home base.

Where do Snowbirds Come From? 

Snowbirds come from the cold areas of North America. Suffice it to say, those cold areas of North America include Canada. Yes, there are Canadian snowbirds and they are traveling outside of their country. 

According to Canadians, whose ages are 55 and above, spend some time outside their country to get away from the cold winter. At the least, they spend 31 days in the United States. Of course, it could be longer than that. A huge number of snowbirds usually stay for about 3 to 6 months. 

The same source states that there more than a million Canadian snowbirds who escape to places such as Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas. 

In Florida, a good number of snowbirds prefer The Villages. Now, the last thing you’d expect from snowbirds is for them to spend the warmer days in The Villages, right? There are, after all, other awesome places in Florida to consider. 

You’d be surprised because The Villages just has a lot to offer. Since most snowbirds are nearing their retirement age, they are considering The Villages. 

Thanks to the popularity of this particular 55+ community, snowbirds are curious about it. They are renting homes in The Villages to see if the life inside the said 55+ community is right for them. That’s just how it goes for most snowbirds. 

What Makes The Villages in Florida A Favorite Snowbirds Destination?

It’s easy to understand why snowbirds are choosing The Villages as a favorite destination. A quick glance at the amenities inside this particular 55+ community will excite a snowbird who loves to play golf. 

There lots of golf courses inside The Villages. From championship courses to executive courses, snowbirds, who live to play golf, will love The Villages. For snowbirds who choose to buy a second home inside The Villages, they will have the opportunity to play golf for free. 

Imagine having easy access to a lot of golf courses and not having to pay to be able to play on any of it?  It’s as if you own a golf course, right? This pretty much explains why snowbirds are choosing The Villages. Even snowbirds who don’t play golf will love The Villages since they end up learning how to play it.

Equestrian Facilities

Don’t think for one minute that The Villages only caters to snowbirds who love to play golf because it doesn’t. The fact is, The Villages is probably the only 55+ community in the world that features equestrian facilities. The world-class equestrian facilities and polo fields can easily attract a lot of snowbirds in and out of the country.

The Villages is not just known for its magnificent golf course and polo fields. This particular 55+ community is also known for its world-class pickleball and platform tennis courts.

Pickleball is a sport that has gained popularity over the years. If you think it’s a kind of sport that’s played only among the seniors, then think again. Pickleball is pretty popular among the young ones as well.  According to, it’s a fun game that’s great for the whole family. 

The Villages is one community that’s aware of the many benefits of playing pickleball. It’s for that reason that this particular 55+ community features 202 pickleball courts. This is great for snowbirds since there’s no way they can play pickleball in the snow. 

There are a lot more sports snowbirds can play inside The Villages. They can play tennis, basketball, bocce, shuffleboard, and bowling. They can even swim in the many outdoor pools inside The Villages. 

If you’re wondering why snowbirds are flocking to The Villages, get in touch with the real estate team of 55next.  They can answer your questions and take you around to see the place. 

Becoming Permanent Residents in The Villages in Florida

Snowbirds get to enjoy the best of both worlds once they have established a good system of maintaining two homes. However, it’s not that easy for them as well. With their presence in a certain area, the prices of certain commodities and services go up. The fact that an area is preferred by snowbirds makes it a prime area already. 

It does cost a lot to live the life of a snowbird. With great planning, it can get pretty affordable. Hence, it is the reason why it’s best for snowbirds to get with licensed real estate agents to help them out. 

Snowbirds can easily get with any of the team to see their various options inside The Villages. When it comes to options, this is one 55+ community that provides a ton of alternatives to suit the needs of snowbirds. 

The Villages in Florida Has Lots to Offer

Considering the fact that snowbirds come from various places in and out of the country, it’s worth noting that their preferences vary immensely from each other. A particular 55+ community must have a lot to offer to be able to provide all the needs of snowbirds. 

The Villages in Florida is a vast 55+ community that spreads over three Sumter, Lake, and Marion counties. There are more than enough model home units for snowbirds to consider. Even if snowbirds are looking for a quiet place to live, The Villages is still a great option. Snowbirds can also look into the small communities inside The Villages.  

Snowbirds are pretty much temporary residents in their preferred summer area. Since they love The Villages so much, this particular 55+ community has become very popular among snowbirds. With everything The Villages has to offer, snowbirds are easily transformed into permanent residents.  Becoming permanent residents in The Villages is not hard for snowbirds at all.  

If you’re a snowbird who wants to become a full-time resident, choosing the right 55+ community is crucial. Let the experts at 55Next show you around The Villages. These are experts who have been certified by Keller Williams and they specialize in The Villages. 

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