5 Ways The Villages Attract Retirees

Retirees flock to Florida. There’s no doubt it. They love Florida for a lot of awesome reasons. One of which is The Villages sunny weather. Florida is a huge state that’s well-known for the many 55+ communities, thanks to the many retirees who come to this sunny state. According to Marketwatch.com more retirees moving to Florida as compared to other states such as Arizona and North Carolina. 

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While thereabout:blank are a lot of 55+ communities in Florida, there is one community that has been attracting retirees for years. That particular community is The Villages. Take a look at the 5 valid ways The Villages can easily attract retirees. 

#5. Great Location 

While there are a lot of 55+ communities in entire Florida, only a few are vast and complete.  The Villages is considered to be the largest 55+ community in the country. The website, Virtualglobetrotting.com states that The Villages is twice as big as Manhattan. For a 55+ community, that’s huge.  

The vastness of The Villages is just one of the many reasons why this particular 55+ community continues to thrive. Retirees are lured to The Villages because of its great location. 

The location is pretty near other Florida cities. This means that residents of The Villages can easily drive to cities such as Orlando and Leesburg. Hence, this particular 55+ community is not exactly tucked away in some remote area, disconnecting the residents from the outside world. Residents can enjoy the exciting life in and outside the community. When family members drop by to visit, there are lots of places to go to.  

Not everything about Florida’s location is awesome. For starters, it’s known to be a hurricane zone. That can pretty much scare away a lot of retirees to settle down in this sunny state. 

Even if there isn’t an area in Florida that’s 100 percent spared from hurricanes, the three counties where The Villages is spread throughout are pretty much considered to be the safest. This is according to Ajc.com 

Another great thing about the location is that it offers the most amazing landscape of rolling hills, shimmering lakes, and ancient oak trees. Any retiree who gets to see the awesome landscape of The Villages will find it hard to leave it. 

#4. The Villages Boast of Quality Healthcare 

Florida boasts world-class medical facilities such as Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, AdventHealth in Orlando, and UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville. Residents of The Villages need not travel to these medical facilities. There are top-notch medical facilities right inside. 

There are two Health Specialty Care Centers inside The Villages. One is located in Spanish Springs and the other one is located in Brownwood. Spanish Springs and Brownwood are the two commercial areas of The Villages. 

There are two more top-notch medical facilities nearby and they are The Villages Health Pinellas Care Center and The Villages Colony Care Center. 

There are more medical facilities nearby, and there are The Villages Healthcare Creekside Care Center, Lake Imaging at Lake Sumter, Lakeview Healthcare System, The Villages Premier Medical, and The Villages Health Mulberry Grove Care Center, and UF Health The Villages Hospital. It’s also worth noting that there is also a Health Specialty Care Center in the Sumter area.

Healthcare is not a burden for the residents. They don’t have to go far for their regular checkups. Thanks to the many top-notch medical facilities inside The Villages, healthcare is not a problem for the residents. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of retirees are attracted to The Villages. 

#3. The Villages Offer an Amazing Outdoor Life

It’s pretty easy to surmise that the sunny weather of Florida is what attracts a lot of retirees to the state. However, the amazing outdoor lifestyle is what lures retirees to this particular 55+ community. 

What good would the sunny weather be without the amazing outdoor lifestyle? The Villages know exactly how to provide the best outdoor lifestyle by providing the perfect amenities for their residents. The many golf courses of The Villages attract a lot of retirees from all over the country. The fact that residents get to play golf for free is enough to excite a lot of retirees to call The Villages home. 

There are other sports amenities inside The Villages. This is one of the few 55+ communities that have about 202 pickleball courts and 201 bocce ball courts. Residents will never run out of pools to swim in since there are about 80 outdoor pools inside. If those sports amenities aren’t enough, they also offer equestrian facilities. What more could anyone ask for? 

The amazing outdoor lifestyle is made possible by the top-notch sports amenities the residents have easy access to. When retirees see how happy and active the residents are inside a 55+ community, they’re easily converted to become full-time residents. 

#2. The Villages Offer Smaller Communities 

Many retirees are on the lookout for small 55+ communities. The reason for that is because they want a quieter community to live in. There’s nothing wrong with that but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t consider. 

While the size of The Villages is huge, there are smaller neighborhoods right inside it. The Villages is made up of small villages. Retirees can explore the various neighborhoods inside to see which one suits them. 

The smaller communities inside offer the kind of serenity and tranquility some retirees look for. Now, if you’re a retiree who prefers a more closely-knit community, you can always let the real estate experts of  55Next help you out. The 55 Next real estate team specializes in The Villages. Feel free to give them a call now so that they can show you the different communities inside. 

#1. Retirees Can Avail of the Lifestyle Preview Plan 

One of the many reasons why retirees are attracted to The Villages is because they’re given the chance to check out the lifestyle inside this awesome 55+ community. They can stay for a couple of nights to see if the lifestyle inside suits them. 

Retirees can avail of the Lifestyle Preview Plan of. They can stay for 4 to 7 days to experience the lifestyle it offers. They will have access to all the amenities and what better way to get to know a community but by actually living in it? Learn more about the Lifestyle Preview Plan on Thevillages.com and get in touch with any of the 55 Next real estate experts on 55Next

In most cases, retirees are happy with their stay and they’re easily converted to commit the rest of their lives to The Villages.  

It is no doubt, a very popular 55+community. It has outdone a lot of 55+ communities in terms of size, facilities, amenities, and homes. It’s not surprising that retirees are lured to call it their home. 

Feel free to connect with any of the 55 Next real estate experts to see if the life inside The Villages suits you. Visit 55Next to connect with the team. We’re always happy to help. We will take you around and answer any questions that you might have. 

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