Living in a Pet friendly Community Like Cherrywood Estates

Not every 55+ community is a pet friendly community. If you’re looking for one that is, then consider Cherrywood Estates. This 55+ community allows you to own a pet dog.

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Cherrywood Estates is pretty much a small-sized 55+ community with only 700 single-family home units. These homes are situated on vast lots so that your furry friend has enough space to play and run around. It even allows you to fence your lawn so that your pet dog doesn’t end up on your neighbor’s space.

You can even take your pet dog out for a walk. There are a lot of spacious areas for you and your pet dog to explore in Cherrywood Estates. For starters, this particular 55+ community is pedestrian-friendly with its huge sidewalks. This means that you and your furry friend are always safe each time you take a walk.

You can always drop by Cherrywood Estates. That way, you can see how spacious, serene, and safe this particular 55+ community is for you and your pet. If you’re not in the Ocala area at the moment, the best thing to do right now is to connect to a Florida Retirement Community Specialist. You can send them a message or you can call them now at 352-244-8977 to learn more about Cherrywood Estates.

There’s a good reason why the Cherrywood Estates community allows dogs. According to various researches and studies cited on, owning a dog is good for your health. If you want to learn more about the benefits of living in a pet-friendly 55+ community like Cherrywood Estates, continue reading below.

A Remarkable Scientific Finding on Owning a Dog

There is one remarkable reason why you should own a pet dog. According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic, owning a pet dog is good for the heart.

This is an interesting finding. The Mayo study consisted of one thousand eight hundred respondents whose ages ranged from twenty-five to sixty-four. These respondents had healthy hearts and forty-two percent of them were dog owners.

What was remarkable about this particular study was that the dog owners were most likely to practice a healthy lifestyle that benefited their hearts. They walked more and ate healthier; all because of their furry friend.

Aside from the Mayo Clinic study, shows positive findings from their survey of two thousand and fifty-one respondents. These respondents, whose age ranges from fifty to eighty years of age, were mostly pet owners.  Eighty-eight percent of them embraced life, while eighty-six percent of them attributed that feeling from owning a pet.

Furthermore, seventy-nine percent of the respondents believed that owning a pet helped reduce stress. Seventy-two percent of them were able to cope with emotional and physical symptoms, thanks to the company of their pets.

It’s no doubt that the wonders of owning a pet are scientifically backed up. This explains why Cherrywood Estates is a pet-friendly 55+ community.

The Other Benefits of Being a Pet Owner in a Pet-Friendly Community

Now that you have seen how the wonders of living in a pet-friendly 55+ community such as Cherrywood Estates are scientifically backed up, take a good look at the other benefits of being a pet owner.

Owning a pet can help ease the pain. This again is scientifically backed up. According to, therapy dogs can help reduce pain and emotional distress.

Another benefit of being a pet owner is that you can easily stick to a routine. Considering the fact that you have to care for your pet, the routine of feeding and walking your dog becomes natural. Hence, you feel pretty useful because the survival of your pet depends largely on your care.

Pet owners are most likely to become more sociable. The fact that you need to take your dog out for a walk provides tons of opportunities to meet people. Your cute furry friend is, no doubt, a great conversation starter. Someone is bound to approach you to swoon over the cuteness of your furry companion.

Probably the most significant benefit of being a pet owner is that you become an active adult. The regular brisk walking you do with your furry friend is, no doubt, a great way to stay active. The exercise you get from walking your furry friend helps lower your BMI.

Come and See Cherrywood Estates Pet friendly Community.

The list of benefits of owning a pet is pretty long. Hence, it makes a lot of sense for Cherrywood Estates to allow dogs in the community.  Its pet-friendly feature is scientifically backed up.

You are more than welcome to come and see Cherrywood Estates. To save some of your precious time, get with a certified team of real estate agents. Call 352-244-8977 to talk to a 55 Next real estate expert. You can also learn more about Cherrywood Estates by creating an account on 55Next. Go right ahead and create your account to make use of all the search features of the website.

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