Benefits of Art Activities at Stonecrest

There are Multiple Benefits of Art Activities at Stonecrest in Summerfield Florida.The Best One is it Unleashes Creativity.  It makes your mind wander and wonder where You can either be a creator or a viewer of art and Either way, it Does You Good!

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According to, art has got a lot to do with aging. It further adds that many studies have shown how art induces physiological and psychological healing. The more you squeeze your creative juices, the better it is for your health.

The same source adds that incorporating art activities has a positive impact on the daily life of elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  That explains why 55+ communities such as Stonecrest offers a lot of art activities for its residents.

The Stonecrest Community at a Glance!

Stonecrest is an exclusive 55+ community located in Summerfield, Florida. While it is one of the many 55+ communities you will find in this particular area, it’s safe to say that it stands out.

Stonecrest boasts luxurious facilities and amenities. This gated community only offers 2,200 single-family home units, which is a far cry from the bigger and more populated 55+ communities nearby.

Aside from the plush facilities, Stonecrest also offers various activities to keep its residents socially connected.   One critical way Stonecrest keeps its residents socially connected is by offering various art workshops. The various art workshops encourage residents to tap into their creative minds.  According to the same source cited previously, everybody is creative. It’s just a matter of tapping it.

Stonecrest also boasts of an art association where residents can cultivate their appreciation for art. Hence, it’s safe to say that this is one 55+ community that encourages its residents to either appreciate art or become creators. Whichever way its residents decide to go, they will experience the multiple benefits of art.

It’s safe to say that Stonecrest is one 55+ community that’s worth looking into. Its intimate size is less intimidating. Most importantly, how it encourages its residents to stay socially connected is beneficial to health.

Since Stonecrest is a gated-community, you would need to be accompanied to see the place. The best real estate team to accompany you is from 55Next Inc.

The 55Next real estate team is certified to work with retirees. They have extensive knowledge of the various 55+ communities in the Marion County area. You can easily connect to them by sending a message here. You can also give them a call now at 352-244-8977. They can tell you more about the art activities and workshops of Stonecrest.

Benefits of Art Activities at Stonecrest as a Therapy

Art is a great outlet for expression. In most cases, it can serve as a therapy for seniors. According to, it’s an innovative type of therapy for the elderly. The many benefits of art therapy are simply hard to ignore.

For example, art therapy can help increase intellectual stimulation and cognitive skills. Seniors suffering from memory loss can greatly benefit from it. When they’re encouraged to create, their senses are stimulated and long-forgotten memories are triggered.

Art as therapy also helps alleviate pain. When seniors are encouraged to paint, draw, write, or create a piece of art, their mind starts to focus on the task at hand. That in itself is beneficial to their health since they tend to forget their chronic pains and aches. Since the mere act of creating a piece of artwork entails some kind of physical and mental activities, the immune system is enhanced.

Both art appreciation and creation can help increase social connections. When seniors get into some kind of art activity, it becomes very easy for them to meet new friends. Hence, it’s the reason why 55+ communities such as Stonecrest offers a lot of art classes, groups, activities for its residents.

Since art can open a lot of social connections, seniors are less prone to feel stressed and depressed. This is probably one of the best reasons why 55+ communities, such as Stonecrest, put a lot of importance on art. Seniors are prone to get depressed easily. The sooner they immerse themselves in art, the better it is for their health.

Art as a therapy also encourages seniors to become more aware of themselves. They’re able to unleash ways to express themselves. With a new creative outlet, they might even be able to unleash those passions that have been concealed for years.

As a result, there are a lot of ways seniors will benefit from the many art activities of Stonecrest. Even the art association of Stonecrest can do wonders for health.

Other Benefits of Art Activities at Stonecrest

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of art as a therapy. However, one does not need to use art as a therapy to benefit from it. Art, in itself, has a lot of positive effects on health. This is scientifically backed up by a study conducted by Dr. Gene Cohen of George Washington University of Washington, D.C.

The many art activities seniors can get into can bring a wide range of benefits. For example, art creation or appreciation can help foster a sense of identity.

Art can also help improve their self-esteem. The mere act of appreciating art can lead to a lot of learning opportunities. When seniors learn something new, they feel good about themselves. It’s the same way if seniors are encouraged to create a piece of art. The outcome of this can help improve their self-esteem as well.

Art also helps encourage playfulness as well. There are no boundaries in art. The mind can wander off to its creative depository of thoughts. Who knows what’s there? This limitless capacity of art can foster a lot of playfulness and humor.

The bottom line is that art helps reduce boredom. The feeling of boredom is the one thing seniors should avoid. It can also eventually lead to a lot of negative thoughts.

It’s easy to understand why Stonecrest offers a lot of art activities for its residents. If you think about it, they’re more than just fun activities to keep its residents busy. The various art workshops and associations of Stonecrest are therapeutic activities that offer a ton of benefits.

Come and visit Stonecrest now. Get in touch with the 55Next real estate team to learn more about it. Better yet, create an account on 55Next to learn more about this lovely 55+ community!

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