5 Good Reasons Why The Villages are a Healthy Community for Retirees  

Who hasn’t heard of The Villages? This very popular 55+ community is huge. It’s so huge that it’s often considered a city – The Villages are a Healthy Community for Retirees. 

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Whether it’s considered to be a city, hometown, or community; one thing is for sure. It’s the healthiest place in the country for retirees. Take a look at the 5 good reasons below why The Villages is the country’s healthiest community for retirees. 

#5. Lively Town Squares in The Villages 

The Villages feature three town squares where residents can shop and dine out. These town squares are Spanish Springs, Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, and Brownwood Paddock Square. As a result, residents don’t need to go far, let alone, leave the community to do some shopping and dining. 

There are lots of retail establishments, restaurants, and movie houses in the lively town squares of The Villages. Open-air concerts and dances are always held in the town squares to entertain the residents.  

Activities such as shopping and dining out are important, most especially for seniors. The act of shopping gets them to walk more. That already is a good form of physical exercise. According to Medicaldaily.com one can easily lose about 400 calories from shopping. Since shopping entails a lot of walking, it’s easy to shed a considerable number of calories. 

Aside from the physical benefits of shopping, seniors are also able to connect with other folks in the community when they go out shopping or dining.  Hence, seniors remain socially active with the easy access they have to the three town squares of the community. 

#4. An Abundance of Places for Worship 

There’s an abundance of places for worship in The Villages. Residents have easy access to synagogues and churches. They can just use their golf cart to get to their preferred place for worship. 

There are 9 places for worship inside The Villages. These are the New Covenant United Methodist Church, St. George Episcopal Church, Hope Lutheran Church, St. Timothy’s Catholic Church, Temple Shalom, Fairway Christian Church, First Baptist Church, Chapel of Christian Faith, and Open Bible Lutheran Church.  

Retirees need to engage in religious activities. Such activities not only uplift spiritual health but also strengthen social engagements with other churchgoers. At the end of the day, it’s good for the overall well-being. This is backed up by Familydoctor.org According to the said website, meditation and prayers have a positive impact on the well-being of a person. With the many places for worship inside The Villages, residents can uplift their spiritual health through religion. 

#3. First-Rate Recreation Facilities 

Retirees need an active lifestyle. They should have fitness goals to achieve because staying active is good for their overall health. There’s no question about that. 

It’s just a matter of choosing a suitable physical activity. As much as it’s critical for retirees to stay active, they should also be careful. Not all sports and fitness workouts are appropriate for all seniors. For starters, they need a wide range of options to choose from.  

They can’t settle for just one kind of sport or physical activity. It might do them more harm than good. Hence, it’s the reason why The Villages provide a long list of first-rate recreation facilities where residents can choose from the many sports amenities.  

Regional Recreation centers

Throughout The Villages are several Regional Recreation Centers. As a matter of fact, there are 8 of them inside The Villages. Residents can easily get to them with the use of a golf cart. Aside from the 8 Regional Recreation Centers, there are also 35 neighborhood recreation centers and 17 Village Recreation Centers. All these recreation centers feature a huge variety of sport and social amenities. Residents can choose their preferred activity to stay physically and socially active.

The golf facilities of The Villages are magnificent as well. There are 12 championship courses and 41 executive courses inside The Villages. Residents can avail of the executive courses for free. There aren’t a lot of places in the world where one can play golf for free. 

There are also equestrian facilities inside The Villages. Thanks to the first-rate recreation facilities inside The Villages, the residents will never run out of options to stay active physically and socially. 

The first-rate recreation facilities throughout The Villages are worth seeing. The real estate team at 55Next can help you. Contact them now to see how The Villages keep their residents physically and socially healthy. 

#2. An Abundance of Medical Plazas 

It’s not enough for a community to simply provide places for worship and recreation facilities to keep their residents healthy. The availability of healthcare is crucial as well. 

The many medical plazas of The Villages feature a variety of healthcare stores and services. Residents have a long list of options to choose from. Whether they need to buy their medicine for maintenance or go for a quick checkup, they can always go to the many medical plazas inside The Villages with just the use of a golf cart. 

#1. Exceptional Medical Facilities 

It’s critical for a community to have medical facilities, more so for a 55+ community. Residents should have easy access to exceptional medical facilities to spare them from having to travel far.  Throughout The Villages are 8 medical facilities for residents to choose from. These are Mulberry Care Center, Santa Barbara Care Center, Specialty Care Center at Spanish Springs, Creekside Care Center, Colony Care Center, Pinellas Care Center, Specialty Care at the Center for Advanced Healthcare for Brownwood, and Brownwood Care Center. All these medical facilities feature top-rate specialists and primary care physicians. 

Healthy Community for Retirees

Although there are a lot of world-class medical facilities in Florida that can add to the many options of the residents of The Villages, they don’t have to drive far to get quality healthcare.  As a matter of fact, they don’t even have to leave the community. Quality healthcare is right within their reach. This is one critical element that makes The Villages a healthy community to live in.  

Furthermore, with everything The Villages have to offer, it’s easy to understand why it’s considered to be the healthiest community in the country. 

Come and see for yourself how The Villages make it easy for the residents to stay healthy. See for yourself why The Villages is the country’s healthiest community for seniors. Connect to the specialists of The Villages at 55Next. They can show you around The Villages and answer any inquiries that you might have.

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