Life in Stonecrest: How Beneficial is It?

Retirement living has levelled up. With the growth and popularity of 55+ communities, more and more folks are looking forward to retiring. They’re seeking an active adult lifestyle that’s going to keep them pretty busy. This is why most seniors choose Life in Stonecrest.

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Gone are the days when seniors spend the whole day playing bingo. That’s just not the way it is for them nowadays. Baby boomers have found an exciting way to live their lives. They choose to pack up and live the next chapter of their lives in an active adult community such as a 55+ community.

Who can blame them? Life inside a 55+ community seems fun. There are a lot of activities going on. Retirees have more opportunities to meet like-minded folks. It’s hard for a retiree not to consider living in a 55+ community. Considering all the perks it offers, it seems like moving into a 55+ community is the most natural thing to do.

However, not all 55+ communities are alike. Each community offers different kinds of activities and amenities. Hence, you need to look carefully and you need all the help that you can get from real estate experts who are trained to work with retirees.

The real estate team at 55Next is fully trained to work with retirees. They can provide a long list of 55+ communities to choose from. One particular community that will recommend is Stonecrest.

Why Life in Stonecrest?

Stonecrest is a relatively small 55+ community located in Summerfield, Florida. Unlike the other 55+ communities in the area, Stonecrest only offers 2200 homes. The limited number of homes in this particular 55+ community makes it a very good option for folks who are looking for a more intimate environment.

Despite the size of this particular 55+ community, it comes complete with luxurious recreation facilities and amenities. Retirees will find everything they need to live an active adult lifestyle in Stonecrest. Hence, it comes as to no surprise that this lovely 55+ community is highly recommended by the real estate team at 55Next.

The concept of living an active adult lifestyle has attracted a lot of retirees.  At a glance, it seems like a fun lifestyle. However, it’s more than just fun. Truth be told, living in Stonecrest to experience an active adult lifestyle is beneficial to your health.

Physical Activity is Good for Seniors

Spending the whole day playing a particular sport that you love seems like an exciting thing to do.  Of course, you couldn’t that before your pre-retirement days.

It’s a different thing when you’re retired. You have the whole day ahead of you. So, if you’re a golf enthusiast, you can play the whole day.

Stonecrest is one 55+ community that understands the enthusiasm of a retiree to play a certain sport the whole day. For example, golf lovers can spend the whole day on the 18-hole championship courses of Stonecrest. They can also play a quick game on the 9-hole executive golf course of Stonecrest. If that’s not enough, they can take advantage of the practice putting green in the community. That’s how Stonecrest caters to the golf enthusiast.

Aside from the magnificent golf course, Stonecrest offers other sports amenities such as resort-like swimming pool, horseshoe pits, softball field, and courts for tennis, bocce, pickleball, and shuffleboard.  Residents will never run out of sports to play and to learn in Stonecrest.

Life seems pretty fun in Stonecrest but if you look closely, there’s a good reason why this particular 55+ community offers a lot of sports amenities to its residents. According to physical activity is a driver for good health. It helps prolong the life of a retiree.

The magnificent amenities of Stonecrest are there for a reason and for a very good reason at that. The residents are kept active. Easy access to a variety of sports amenities keeps the residents active. While they’re having so much fun, they’re benefiting as well. According to the same source cited, physical activity helps prevent diseases such as diabetes and stroke. It also helps prevent some types of cancer.

The Social Life in Stonecrest Goes Beyond Fun

The active adult lifestyle is not just composed of physical activities. Social and learning activities also make up the active adult lifestyle.

Stonecrest offers a variety of classes, clubs, groups, and activities that all seem pretty fun to sign up for. As much as they are social gatherings, they’re also learning opportunities. For example, residents can sign up for some photography classes. They can also take advantage of other social activities such as playing Mah Jongg sessions. Whatever they decide to sign up for, they’re guaranteed some fun social interactions.

Truth be told, the social activities in Stonecrest go beyond fun. According to, social activities such as art workshops, photography classes, Mah Jongg sessions, and billiards can help lengthen life. As much as they are fun, they’re good for the health of the elderly.

Understandably, Stonecrest offers a lot of social activities for its residents. It’s safe to say that this is one 55+ community that you have to see. Since it’s a gated community, you would need the help of the 55Next real estate team.

Call them now at 352-244-8977. You can reach them by sending a message here. To learn more about Stonecrest and its other awesome features, make sure to create an account on 55Next. That way you take advantage of all the search features of the website.

Final Thoughts on Life in Stonecrest

If you think that life in Stonecrest is fun, well, you’re right. The various physical and social activities you can do in this particular 55+ community will keep you very busy. You’re definitely going to have a lot of fun keeping up with all the activities.

However, living in Stonecrest is more than just fun. It’s, no doubt, beneficial to your health. You’re going to get all the exercise that you need, without having to go anywhere else. Furthermore, your social life is going to thrive in this particular 55+ community. You will definitely be a happy and healthy resident of Stonecrest. That’s how beneficial it is to live in Stonecrest.

Find out why Stonecrest is highly recommended by the 55Next real estate team. Call them now at 352-244-8977. Set your appointment now to see this lovely 55+ community.

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