Find Out Why Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale are a Favorite Among Retirees 

More and more retirees are choosing Florida. Why shouldn’t they? Florida is just about the best place to retire in.  The weather is fantastic, taxes are low, and the Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale standard of living is pretty affordable. 

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As a result, it’s not surprising at all to see Florida metros occupy the top spots in the list of popular places to retire in America. According to the city of Ocala ranks 15 in the top spots to retire in America. That’s not bad at all, considering the many options retirees have. They could retire anywhere they want but it seems like Ocala is one of their top options.

Ocala is Home to Premium 55+ Communities 

Ocala is a quaint city in Central Florida. It’s known as the horse capital of the world. In addition to that, there are 5 places that have been designated as the horse capital of the world. Four of these places are in the United States and Ocala is one of them. The other place, outside the United States, is France.  It’s interesting to note that the quaint city of Ocala makes it to the prestigious list. 

Top Thoroughbred Hub

Aside from being a top thoroughbred hub, Ocala is home to premium 55+ communities. This one of the many reasons why retirees flock to Ocala. 

One premium 55+ community in Ocala is the Trilogy at Ocala Preserve. This gated 55+ community mirrors the beautiful setting of the city of Ocala. 

Furthermore, you get acres of verdant grounds with amazing landscapes. The spectacular design of the Trilogy at Ocala Preserve is unbeatable. The scenic lush grounds spread throughout this sophisticated community. It’s almost too hard to imagine that this particular 55+ community is within the metro.

The natural beauty of Trilogy at Ocala is something worth seeing. Whether you’re a retiree who’s looking to move into a 55+ community or one who’s just about to retiree, the Trilogy at Ocala Preserve is worth a visit.  Visit 52Next to connect to a real estate expert. Find out from the experts why Ocala is one of the top favorite destinations of retirees. 

Top Features of Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale

Despite its sheer sophistication, Trilogy at Ocala Preserve is a welcoming community. Retirees won’t find it hard to connect with like-minded folks and at the same time, meet new and interesting people.

One of the top features of the Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale is the fact that it’s limited to just 1800 homes. That’s a very limited number of homes spread throughout 623 acres of land. Hence, residents have the privacy they deserve. When they want to connect with the other residents, they can always drop by the many facilities of the community. 

The privacy Trilogy at Ocala Preserve provides is probably one of the top features that attract a lot of retirees. There’s no doubt that some retirees want to avoid crowded 55+ communities. While it’s critical for them to have a socially active lifestyle, they deserve privacy as well. 

Trilogy at Ocala Preserve provides the perfect balance. Residents can socialize and at the same time, maintain their privacy.  The fact that Trilogy at Ocala Preserve provides vast outdoor spaces, retirees are spared from having to deal with a lot of folks in just one place.

Aside from privacy, Trilogy at Ocala boasts world-class facilities. Residents have access to 2 magnificent resort clubs. These are the Oak House and Tack House. Both of these resort clubs have a waterfront veranda where residents can enjoy the spectacular view of the community. 

World Class Facilities of Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale

Not a lot of 55+ communities can provide a spectacular view from a waterfront veranda. Trilogy at Ocala Preserve is probably the only 55+ community that features a waterfront veranda. The 7-acre man-made lake inside Trilogy at Ocala Preserve, popularly known as Shoreline Outfitter, provides a relaxing venue for residents who just want to appreciate the scenic landscape of the community that mirrors the natural beauty of the Ocala metro.

On addition to that, the outdoor setting of both resort clubs also showcases a resort-like lap pool and various sports courts for tennis, bocce, and pickleball. 

If you think the 7-acre man-man lake is the highlight of Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale, think again because it’s not. An 18-hole golf course, designed by Tom Lehman completes the spectacular landscape of Trilogy at Ocala Preserve. 

The indoor setting of Trilogy at Ocala Preserve is as luxurious as its outdoor setting. The amenities of the 2 resort clubs are, no doubt, luxurious as well. Both resort clubs feature a grand lobby where residents can hang out and socialize. 

Residents can also choose to dine in the famous Salted Brick Restaurant or enjoy a game of billiards with friends in the Eagle’s Nest. The resort clubs are home to various learning activities as well. Residents have the option to sign up for some art or cooking classes.  

Residents can wine, dine, and socialize in the resort clubs. They can also make use of the wellness and fitness centers.  The luxurious facilities and amenities of Trilogy at Ocala Preserve are awesome features that attract a lot of retirees. 

See for yourself what Trilogy at Ocala Preserve has to offer you. Call 352-244-8977 to connect to a 55 Next trained real estate expert. 

Trilogy At Ocala Preserve Homes For Sale Provides Country Living within the Metro 

Experience country living at its best in Trilogy at Ocala. Residents enjoy the serenity of a close-knit community that offers luxurious facilities and amenities. At the same time, they get to maintain the privacy that they deserve. 

While Trilogy at Ocala provides country living at its best, it’s worth noting that it’s not far from commercial areas of the metro. Residents have easy access to shopping malls, medical facilities, and other commercial establishments. 

Consequently, residents aren’t tucked away in a remote area. Truth be told, Trilogy at Ocala is located near I-75. This means that residents can easily just drive to the nearby cities of Florida. They can easily take visiting family members, like grandkids, to Disney World and Sea World. Given its logistic location, the local attractions aren’t hard to visit as well. 

Trilogy at Ocala is one good reason why retirees are flocking to the horse capital of the world. As a result, his is where they can experience a luxurious country living right within the metro. 

Come and see for yourself. Connect to the certified real estate experts at 55Next. They can take you around Trilogy at Ocala Preserve and answer any questions you might have about this exclusive, gated 55+ community.

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