5 Valid Reasons Why It’s Good to Live in Stonecrest

Finding a community isn’t easy. You have to see what it has to offer you before you make any drastic decision. Even if the community has everything you need, you still need to think about it. Truth be told, you need to sleep on it to make sure that you’re going to come up with the right decision – It’s Good to Live in Stonecrest.

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Hence, it’s the reason why you should always get with a certified real estate team to help you out. The real estate experts at 55Next are the best folks to get with. Their in-depth industry knowledge of the various 55+ communities can help you decide. There’s no need to spend sleepless nights to choose the right 55+ community. As long as you’re with the 55Next real estate team, you’re in good hands.

The 55Next real estate team is trained and certified to work with retirees. Their vast knowledge of various 55+ communities will be very helpful to you. If you’re looking for a 55+ community in the Summerfield area of Florida, one recommendation you’ll surely get from the 55Next real estate team is Stonecrest.

Why Stonecrest? That’s a good question and if you continue reading, you will find 5 valid reasons why it’s good to live in Stonecrest.

1. People are Friendly in Stonecrest

Rumor has it that the people in Stonecrest are friendly. Well, according to the reviews of another real estate website, the rumor seems to be true. The real estate team of 55Next.com will attest to it as well.

Stonecrest is a relatively small 55+ community. The number of residents is just about right for its size. It’s not a crowded community as compared to the other 55+ communities nearby.
With its scenic views and relaxing atmosphere, you will find that the residents are very friendly and laid-back. They make you feel right at home and you won’t have a hard time adjusting to the place.

That’s very important to consider especially if you’re looking for a 55+ community. It’s not easy being the new couple on the couple. It helps to know that the residents are friendly enough to welcome you to the community.

2. Homes are Well-Kept

Stonecrest is a beautiful 55+ community. The luxurious main gate of the community says a lot about it. The resort-like facilities and amenities are set against the backdrop of breath-taking landscapes.

To say that the homes are well-kept is an understatement. Truth be told, the homes are more than just well-kept. They’re beautifully maintained on and spacious and well-manicured lots.
The homes of Stonecrest are low-maintenance. There’s no need to worry about home exterior maintenance since it’s covered by the Stonecrest homeowner’s association.

The range of the homeowner’s association fee starts from $111 to $219 a month. Your homeowner’s association fee will depend on where you live in Stonecrest. The coverage will vary as well but the maintenance of home exterior and common areas is taken care of. It comes as to no surprise that the homes of Stonecrest are well-kept.

3. Easy to Get Around in Stonecrest

Stonecrest is a golf-cart friendly community. Hence, it’s very easy to get around. You can just take a golf cart to get to the nearest Walmart. There’s an exclusive golf-cart access from the community to Walmart.
In case you want to visit some of your friends in the nearby 55+ community, you can also just use a golf cart to get there. It’s pretty safe. Needless to say, Stonecrest is also pedestrian-friendly. You can easily get from one place to another by taking a walk. This, no doubt, is a valid reason why it’s great to live in Stonecrest.

4. You Get the Best of Both Worlds in Stonecrest

Another valid reason why it’s great to live in Stonecrest is the fact that you will experience the best of both worlds. You get a feel of the countryside with the beautiful landscape of rolling hills and ancient oak trees. It’s almost going to feel like you’re away from the city but you’re not.

The community is conveniently located in Summerfield. It’s not too far away from the commercial area. You get easy access to restaurants, stores, top-notch hospitals, and interesting attractions. You can experience country-side living in Stonecrest at the same time, have easy access to the conveniences of the cities nearby.

It’s worth noting that the real estate experts at www.55Next.com are available to answer any questions you might have about Stonecrest. Call them at 352-244-8977. Better yet, sign up here to create your account.

5. It’s a Gated Community

The fact that Stonecrest is a gated community makes it a safe place to live. Visitors are monitored. They need special access to get through the guarded gates. This is a good thing because you’re sure that the streets inside the community are safe. They’re not open to the public.
Safety is an important feature of a 55+ community. You need to make sure that the community you’ll call home is safe.

There you have it. Five valid reasons why it’s good to live in Stonecrest. These are the same reasons you will hear from the real estate experts at www.55Next.com. They might even have more valid reasons for you to choose this community. You should get with them now so that you can learn more about this beautiful 55+ community.

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