An Active Adult Lifestyle Is Promoted 5 Practical Ways at OTOW

Seniors need an Adult Active Lifestyle because they can’t afford to be sedentary it’s bad for their health. Truth be told, no one can afford to be sedentary. Physical and social activities are good for everybody’s well-being. Having said that, seniors should never use their age as an excuse to just stop doing anything. They should maintain an active adult lifestyle. 

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According to, older adults benefit greatly from regular physical activity. It’s just a matter of choosing an age-appropriate physical activity to prevent any kind of injury. 

 Active Adult Lifestyle Men playing basketball at OTOWWhat are the benefits of physical activity for seniors?  For starters, seniors will lessen the risk of breaking their bones. Exercise or some kind of physical activity strengthens bones. Another health benefit of physical activity for seniors is that it reduces the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and colon cancer. It also helps improve high blood pressure. These are just some of the many health benefits of an active adult lifestyle. 

Since seniors benefit a lot from some kind of physical activity, 55+ communities make sure that they provide all the right activities to initiate and maintain an active adult lifestyle. One such community that provides suitable physical and social activities is On Top of the World. Take a look at how this particular 55+ community promotes an active adult lifestyle. 

On Top of the World Features Suitable Sports for An  Active Adult Lifestyle!

There are four plush facilities inside On Top of the World where residents can get physically active. The Recreation Center is where residents can do some group exercise and play sports such as racquetball, pickleball, basketball, horseshoe pit, and softball. Residents can also make use of the outdoor swimming pool to stay active. There’s also a mini-golf course that’s perfect for residents who just want to focus on the game and not do so much walking. 

The Arbor Club & Conference Center features more sports amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and bocce ball courts. It’s worth noting that the surface of the tennis courts of On Top of the World is a 10-ply plexicushion which reduces the risk of injury. 

The Candler Hills Community Center is also another facility that features an outdoor pool and spa. The Indigo East Community Center is home to another well-equipped fitness center and an outdoor pool & spa. Residents will never run out of sports amenities inside the community. Best of all, they will never have to deal with a crowded place since residents don’t have to settle for just one facility where they can get active. 

On Top of the World Offers a lot of Exciting Social Activities For an Active Adult Lifestyle!

The concept of an active adult lifestyle is not just dependent on sports. A huge chunk of it is also dependent on social activities. Seniors who stay connected with other folks reap a lot of health benefits. It’s inevitable for seniors to experience a decline in social connections. The fact that they’ve left the workplace contributes a lot to the decline.

Active Adult Lifestyle with Seniors meeting together for Activities at OTOWOn Top of the World offers a conducive ambiance for seniors to connect socially with like-minded folks. The list of social and learning activities inside the community is long. For example, residents can join social activities such as day trips, cards, chess, sewing; embroidery, game night, and knit witts; to mention a few. There are also a lot of learning activities offered by On Top of The World. Examples of such activities include ceramics class, continuing education classes, and lifelong learning; to mention a few. 

Fun group activities are also available. For example, residents can sign up and join the native plan group or the original karaoke group. Residents will never run out of fun activities to stay socially active and connected.  

The Beautiful Landscape Encourages Residents to Maintain an Active Adult Lifestyle

 Staying outdoors is a great way to stay active. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to stay outdoors for some seniors. They would have to be in a safe area to be able to enjoy the outdoors. 

On Top of the World provides a safe outdoor haven for its residents. Truth be told, the entire community is a safe area for seniors to take a walk or simply just stay outdoors. There aren’t a lot of cars on the road since On Top of the World is a golf-friendly community. That makes it a lot safer for the residents to take a walk. 

One of the most encouraging features of On Top of the World is its breathtaking landscape. The beautiful landscape of lush verdant grounds and ancient trees motivate a lot of residents to just stay outdoors. 

The Spacious Lawns Encourage Residents to do Gardening

Active Adult Lifestyle Spacious Lawns at OTOWAnother practical way On Top of the World helps promote an Active Adult Lifestyle is by providing spacious lawns that encourage a lot of its residents to do some gardening. Gardening is a great way to promote and maintain an active adult lifestyle. Not only is there an amazing output, but there are also a lot of health benefits attached to it. 

According to, gardening can help increase the exposure to vitamin D, which in turn can help increase calcium levels. Gardening can also lower the risk of dementia, uplift moods, and help bring out a sweat while being very productive. It’s not surprising at all that gardening is a great activity for adults who want to stay healthy. 

Easy Access to the Outside World Expands the Active Adult Lifestyle! 

It’s pretty easy to achieve an active adult lifestyle inside On Top of the World.  Thanks to its strategic location, residents have easy access to the outside world. A commercial area is located right outside the gates of On Top of the World. 

Residents can do some shopping or banking anytime they want to. They can also attend to their healthcare needs since there are also some medical facilities and pharmacies nearby.  

The strategic location of On Top of the World is one of the many reasons why family members are excited to visit. Located in Ocala, it just takes a short-distance drive to get to some of the world’s amazing theme parks like Disney World and Sea World. 

Everything about On Top of the World not only promotes an active adult lifestyle but it maintains it as well. It’s an amazing place to live in and stay healthy for a very long time.

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