On Top of the World Pickleball

On Top of the World Pickleball

On Top of the World Pickleball is a funny-sounding sport. It doesn’t seem like a serious sport but it is. Regardless of how funny it sounds; it’s gaining popularity among adults. It’s so popular that in On Top of the World, there are 12 pickleball courts. This is to make sure that all the residents get…

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An Active Adult Lifestyle Is Promoted 5 Practical Ways at OTOW

Active Adult Lifestyle Friday night gathering at the Square OTOW

Seniors need an Adult Active Lifestyle because they can’t afford to be sedentary it’s bad for their health. Truth be told, no one can afford to be sedentary. Physical and social activities are good for everybody’s well-being. Having said that, seniors should never use their age as an excuse to just stop doing anything. They…

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