Retiring in Florida

Congratulations, you’re finally out of the rat race. From now on, you can begin to look forward to 7-day weekends. Retirement sounds like pure bliss and at this point, all you need is the perfect destination. Florida is the number one destination for seniors that are looking to retire. The state is highly affordable and boasts quality healthcare.

Here is why retiring in Florida makes sense 55+ adults:

1. Tax-Friendly

There are no income, inheritance, or estate taxes in Florida. If that isn’t enough, the homestead exemption is up to fifty thousand dollars, regardless of age. Benefits and retirement incomes are also not taxed in Florida.

2. The Sunny Florida Weather

Would you still want to be shovelling some snow at this point in your life? Instead, you can get a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sunny Florida weather. Vitamin D is critical to senior care, the benefits of which include a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and healthy bones.

3. An Abundance of Recreational and Sports Activities

Florida is rich in recreational and sports activities. From golf to pickleball, the state has something for everyone.

4. A Haven for Thalassophile (someone who loves the sea)

With its long stretch of coastline, you will find the best beaches in Florida. If you’re someone who loves the sea, then you’ll find the perfect 55+ retirement community catered to your needs in Florida.

5. Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to the other US states, the average cost of living in Florida is quite low. Even if you’ve saved up a fortune for your retirement, retiring in Florida helps you cut down daily expenditures, so you can spend more money doing what you love.

6. State-Of-The-Art Healthcare Facilities

Some of the country’s top healthcare facilities reside in Florida. However, the average healthcare costs are still much lower than in other states.

7. A Wide Selection of Active Adult Communities

In Florida, you’ll be able to find an active adult community that fits your budget. Most importantly, you’ll find one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

8. An Awesome Travel Destination

There is no doubt that Florida is a great travel destination. What this means for you is that your family can always look forward to visiting you throughout the year.

9. Easy Air Travel

Whether it’s international or domestic travel, you won’t have a hard time finding an airport in Florida. There are thirteen international airports in Florida.

10. An Active Social Life

You need an active social life to complement your vibrant adult lifestyle. Since Florida is a popular choice among baby boomers, you won’t have a hard time making friends with like-minded folks.

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