Home to the famous Ocala National Forest, The City of Ocala is very popular among residents of the state of Florida.

The city also has some of the best 55+ retirement communities in the country. In this article, we take you through the top 9 interesting facts about the city of Ocala and why you might want to consider moving here for your retirement.

1. Affordable Cost Of Living: Ocala Florida Interesting Facts

Compared to other US states, Florida is one of the most affordable (in terms of the average cost of living). Ocala, Florida city has an overall cost of living lower to that of the state as a whole, making it less financially straining to retirees.

2. Conveniently Located in Ocala Florida

Located in central Florida, the city of Ocala is close to many favourite destinations for retirees. Living in Ocala means that you’re just a few hours drive from the white-sand beaches of Florida. You can also drive to many nearby cities like Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, and Leesburg. Other destinations you can go to from Ocala include the Walt Disney World Resort (82.3 miles away), Legoland Florida Water Park (103 miles away), and The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (129 miles away).

3. A Thriving Equine Industry

If you love horses, then Ocala might just be the best city to retire in. Considered to be the horse capital of the world, Ocala city has a thriving 2.62 billion-dollar equine industry. Even the Arabian horse breed has flourished in this area.

4. It’s Known as The Brick City

Here’s another interesting fact about Ocala: Did you know that it’s also known as Brick City? If you go downtown to the historic town square, you will find most of their buildings in bricks. A fire hit Ocala in the 1800s and devastated the whole town. Houses and hotels were burned down, but that did not stop the residents from rebuilding using bricks. The buildings still stand today in the historic town square.

5. It’s one of the Oldest Tourist Attractions in Florida

Ocala is considered to be one of the oldest travel destinations of the state. Way before tourists were flocking to Disney World, Sea World, and Legoland, early Americans were already flocking to see the natural wonders of Ocala.

6. It’s Home to One of the Largest Artesian Spring Formations

One of the historical tourist attractions of Ocala is the Silver Springs Park. It’s a natural landmark destination, and it’s one of the largest Artesian Spring Formations in the country.

A lot of movies have been filmed at Silver Springs Park. The spring waters in this area are just some of the many mesmerizing sights in the area. Shimmering lakes at Silver Springs Park will take your breath away.

7. It’s Home to the Oldest National Forest

The Ocala National Forest covers hundreds of square miles of Central Florida. It is the oldest nationally protected forest that’s home to a variety of wildlife. The Ocala national forest is a safe place to do some camping, water activities or simply enjoy and appreciate the beautiful sights in the woods.

8. It has an Exciting Art Scene

Despite the country-side charm of Ocala, you would be surprised to see some of the world-renowned art museums in the area. The Appleton Museum of Art features art and artefacts from all over the world. It also features travelling exhibitions and is home to some of the most exquisite artworks by Florida artists.

9. It’s Home to World-Class Medical Facilities

There are about 26 active adult communities in the Ocala Florida area. These active adult communities are some of the best 55+ communities in the country. It’s for that reason that you will also find some of the best medical facilities in the area.

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