24 07, 2020

Why Palm Cay is one of the best 55 plus communities

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Are you looking forward to retirement? Have you ever thought about it? Well, it’s not easy to think about it when you’re busy with work. For some folks, it’s one of those things that they put aside since it still seems pretty far away. here are good reasons why Palm Cay is considered one of

24 07, 2020

Palm Cay Monthly Newsletter: How Residents Benefit

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Each 55+ community offers something truly unique. One good example is a gated-community called Palm Cay. This is a cosy community that consists only of 795 single-family homes, all of which are available on a resale basis only. Residents greatly benefit from the Palm Cay Monthly Newsletter. CLICK TO VIEW All the Homes For Sale in

24 07, 2020

Here’s How Palm Cay Helps Residents Get Through Rough Times

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Everybody encounters rough times. Such moments are part of life. Everybody needs to get through them to move on. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Truth be told, it takes a good support system to get through some rough times. Palm Cay Helps Residents Get Through Rough Times. It is an exclusive 55+ community

24 07, 2020

5 Unique Activities in Palm Cay Ocala Florida that Promote Active Aging

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Age can slow you down. If you don’t exert any effort to stay active, then it’s good for your health. You have to find ways to get physically and socially active - Unique Activities in palm cay ocala Florida. CLICK TO VIEW All the Homes For Sale in the Palm Cay 55+ Retirement Community Active aging

7 07, 2020

How Palm Cay Helps Seniors Downsizing!

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Seniors downsizing has a lot of advantages. It can help lessen stress. Some seniors might just find it necessary to downsize.  According to Bankrate.com, the thought of downsizing has crossed a lot of seniors. There’s an increasing number of baby boomers that are moving into 55+ communities.  CLICK TO VIEW All the Homes For Sale in