On Top of the World is a Gated Community in Ocala Florida

On Top Of The World Ocala Fl

Gated Communities may seem intimidating. The fact that visitors are monitored to enter the community can send a wrong signal to a potential homebuyer.  For some folks, a gated community in Ocala Florida might seem pretty fancy. CLICK TO VIEW All the Homes For Sale in On Top of the World 55+ Retirement Community Before you make…

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On Top of the World Pickleball

On Top of the World Pickleball

On Top of the World Pickleball is a funny-sounding sport. It doesn’t seem like a serious sport but it is. Regardless of how funny it sounds; it’s gaining popularity among adults. It’s so popular that in On Top of the World, there are 12 pickleball courts. This is to make sure that all the residents get…

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