24 07, 2020

On Top of the World is a Gated Community in Ocala Florida

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Gated Communities may seem intimidating. The fact that visitors are monitored to enter the community can send a wrong signal to a potential homebuyer.  For some folks, a gated community in Ocala Florida might seem pretty fancy. Before you make your judgement on what a gated community is, it’s best to define it first. According

24 07, 2020

The Cherrywood Estates Community is a Quiet and Safe 55+ Community!

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Cherrywood Estates Community is an Active 55+ Community! It wasn’t so much of an option a few years back but now; it has become a pretty popular option for seniors. According to the website, Forbes.com, numerous studies conducted by AARP have shown that Americans, over the age of 50, have shown interest in ageing in

24 07, 2020

How Spruce Creek North 55+ Community Keeps Its Residents Informed!

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Information is critical. It has to be rolled out no matter what. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to do especially in a 55+ community. Information can be rolled out but misunderstood in the process. There has to be a standard way to keep the residents informed.Spruce Creek North makes information dissemination easy. It keeps its

24 07, 2020

Living in a Pet friendly Community Like Cherrywood Estates

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Not every 55+ community is a pet friendly community. If you’re looking for one that is, then consider Cherrywood Estates. This 55+ community allows you to own a pet dog. Cherrywood Estates is pretty much a small-sized 55+ community with only 700 single-family home units. These homes are situated on vast lots so that your

24 07, 2020

Cherrywood Estates Addresses Common Health Issues of Seniors

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There is no easy way to age. The process of ageing brings about several health issues of seniors.  No matter how healthy you are, ageing will have an impact on your physical and emotional well-being. That’s inevitable. An article on Betterhealthwhileaging.net lists down seven common health issues of seniors. These are accidents such as falling, memory

24 07, 2020

Why Palm Cay is one of the best 55 plus communities

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Are you looking forward to retirement? Have you ever thought about it? Well, it’s not easy to think about it when you’re busy with work. For some folks, it’s one of those things that they put aside since it still seems pretty far away. here are good reasons why Palm Cay is considered one of

24 07, 2020

Palm Cay Monthly Newsletter: How Residents Benefit

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Each 55+ community offers something truly unique. One good example is a gated-community called Palm Cay. This is a cosy community that consists only of 795 single-family homes, all of which are available on a resale basis only. Residents greatly benefit from the Palm Cay Monthly Newsletter. Palm Cay is a great 55+ community to

24 07, 2020

Here’s How Palm Cay Helps Residents Get Through Rough Times

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Everybody encounters rough times. Such moments are part of life. Everybody needs to get through them to move on. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Truth be told, it takes a good support system to get through some rough times. Palm Cay Helps Residents Get Through Rough Times. It is an exclusive 55+ community

24 07, 2020

Cherrywood Estates: Country Living in the City

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City life isn’t so bad. That is if you live in a good area. Ocala is one good example of a city where you can find a good area to live in. Yes, it’s possible to find the perfect blend of country and city living in Ocala. You just have to get with the right

24 07, 2020

5 Unique Activities in Palm Cay Ocala Florida that Promote Active Aging

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Age can slow you down. If you don’t exert any effort to stay active, then it’s good for your health. You have to find ways to get physically and socially active - Unique Activities in palm cay ocala florida. Active aging is the way to go. According to Usatoday.com, active not only keeps you healthy