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Ten Things to Expect From Florida’s 55+ Community Lifestyle

Florida is a favorite retirement destination. It’s pretty much the first state that comes up when the topic is retirement. There are a lot of practical reasons why that is so.

This website states the benefits of retiring in Florida. For starters, the cost of living in this particular state is not too high. As a matter of fact, it’s right on the national average of 100.

Then there’s the homestead exemption that’s a huge help for seniors. Senior citizens get an additional deduction with the homestead exemption.

In case you still want to work, you will not be taxed in Florida. Speaking of taxes, there aren’t any in Florida.  Add those benefits to all the gorgeous 55+ communities in Florida, it just makes a lot of sense why retiring Americans are gravitating towards this particular state.

At this point, you might be wondering what exactly is the kind of lifestyle inside a 55+ community in Florida? Here’s a list of the ten awesome things to expect from Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle.

#1.  Resort-Like Living

What should you expect from Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle? Well, for starters, expect resort-like living. The year-long sunny weather of Florida just adds on to the wonderful landscape of green rolling hills and shimmering lakes inside a typical Florida 55+ community.

Expect homes with scenic views. For example, it’s not uncommon inside a Florida 55+ community to own a home overlooking the golf course.

With that kind of landscape, expect an awesome lifestyle from a typical Florida 55+ community. For starters, you’re guaranteed access to top-notch facilities and amenities.

The top 55+ Florida communities have all the outdoor sports amenities that you can ever dream of. From golf courses to polo fields, you will find everything you can dream of inside a 55+ community in Florida.

One of the most famous 55+ communities in Florida is The Villages. This active adult community is, by far, the largest in the whole world. Here, you will find championship golf courses, polo fields, and platform tennis courts; among others

Now, if you’re not into those sports, don’t worry. You can look into the other 55+ communities in Florida that offer the kind of sport you’re interested in. No matter what kind of sport you’re interested in, expect state-of-the-art facilities with top-notch amenities.

While there are a lot of activities in a typical Florida 55+ community, you can also enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. The cool tropical weather of Florida makes it possible for you to take a stroll every single day.

Most of Florida’s 55+ communities are golf-cart friendly. Hence, there’s no pressure for you to get around. Since everything is pretty much provided for by the community, you will be meeting a lot of happy residents. So, it’s almost like you’re on an extended vacation in any the Florida 55+ communities.

#2.  Options and Affordability

After learning about the resort-like lifestyle inside a typical Florida 55+ community, you might think that it’s an expensive kind of life to live. Well, it’s not.

When it comes to choosing a Florida 55+ community, there are a lot of options for you.  If you’re keen on retiring in Florida, it’s just a matter of choosing which city to reside in. You will find some of the best 55+ communities in the cities of Florida.

For example, Ocala is one of Florida’s cities that offer world-class 55+ communities.  There are about 15 55+ communities in this particular city. In Ocala alone, you have a wide range of housing options to suit your budget.

The good thing about the 55+ communities in Florida is that they have a variety of home collections.  Although all the homes are single-family units, the various home collections offer a huge range of open-floor plans to suit your needs. It’s going to be pretty impossible not to find a home that suits your budget and taste.

#3.  Active Adult Lifestyle

Have you ever heard of an active adult lifestyle? Well, that’s the kind of lifestyle to expect from a Florida 55+ community. Considering the fact that you have access to every kind of sport and recreation amenity, it’s almost impossible for you to stay sedentary.

You’re bound for an active adult lifestyle inside a Florida 55+ community. There’s just no doubt about that. An active adult lifestyle is exactly what you need to stay healthy and happy. Hence, it’s exactly what a typical Florida 55+ community delivers to its residents.

#4.  Easy Access to Cool Travel Destinations

Gone are the days when retirees are sent off to far-away places, never to be seen again. Now, retirees are residing in the best places on earth and yes, Florida, is one of them.

So, if you choose a 55+ community in Florida, there’s just no doubt that you’ll be living in an awesome place. Imagine having easy access to world-renowned tourist destinations such as Disney World and Sea World? That’s enough to excite the whole family, especially the grandkids, to visit you regularly.

Disney World and Sea World are just two of the most famous tourist destinations in Florida. The list of awesome places to see in Florida is long. Below are just some of the few awesome places Florida has to offer.

  • Everglades National Park
  • Epcot
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
  • Universal Studios Florida
  • Universal Islands of Adventure
  • Disney Springs
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

The white-sand beaches of Florida are must-see places as well. You are never going to run out of places to see if you choose Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle.

#5.  Low Maintenance Homes

Most of the homes in Florida’s 55+ communities are low-maintenance. You will find single-family homes on spacious lots. These homes could either be on resale or new construct bases. It depends on the community.

One thing is for sure. Most of the communities have a solid homeowner association (HOA). Hence, you will find that your HOA fees will cover maintenance for your home and other shared facilities in the community. You just have to check on the coverage.

#6.  Excellent Medical Care

The Florida 55+ community lifestyle comes with excellent medical care. There’s no doubt about that. Most of the 55+ communities in Florida are located near world-class medical facilities. For example, AdventHealth Ocala, formerly known as Munroe Regional Medical Center, is located near the 55+ communities in Ocala.

If you choose Florida as your retirement destination, you will have access to some of the world’s best hospitals. Below are the top ten hospitals in Florida.

  • UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville
  • AdventHealth Orlando
  • Tampa General Hospital
  • Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville
  • Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville
  • University of Miami Hospital and Clinics
  • Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater
  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston
  • Baptist Hospital of Miami

According to this website, there is no shortage of medical practitioners in Florida. The state has fifty thousand and thirty-one professionally active physicians. About half of them are primary care physicians and the other half specialty physicians.

#7.  Easy Access to Major Thoroughfares

Given the active adult lifestyle inside a typical Florida 55+ community, you will never run out of things to do. Since Florida is such an awesome place to explore, you’ll have more than enough places to visit and activities to do outside the community.

Hence, it’s the reason why most of Florida’s 55+ communities are located near major thoroughfares. With such a convenient location, it’s easy for the residents to get around and drive to the nearby cities.  For example, the excellent location of the 55+ communities in Ocala provides easy access to I-75 and SR 200.

Residents in those 55+ communities can easily travel to Orlando, Tampa, and Gainesville. They not only have access to the world’s top tourist destinations but to international airports as well. Suffice it to say, Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle makes it very easy for the residents to travel.

#8.  World-Class Entertainment

Never underestimate a 55+ community in Florida. Aside from the state-of-the-art facilities for sports and other recreational activities, you will also find entertainment venues for world-class artists.

Take for example The Villages. This is one community that offers a lot of entertainment venues for both local and international artists. Their Savannah Center is huge. It can seat 850 folks. International artists like The 5th Dimension, Kenny Rogers, and BJ Thomas have been invited to perform here.

A typical 55+ community in Florida will also have its town square where outdoor concerts are regularly scheduled. You will never run out of entertainment options in a 55+ community in Florida.

It’s also worth noting that some communities even offer workshops to their residents to hone their artistic streak in signing, dancing, and even acting. It’s safe to say that you get a well-balanced lifestyle in a 55+ community in Florida.

#9.  Awesome Company

Another cool thing about Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle is that it allows you to meet like-minded folks. You’re bound to meet someone who shares the same interest as you. With all the various clubs and activities offered in a typical Florida 55+ community, there’s someone out there who is waiting to be your friend.

Since a lot of retiring folks are eager to make Florida their home, there’ll be an interesting variety of folks you’re bound to meet. That’s pretty exciting. Most importantly, it’s good for your health.

Meeting new folks and building new friendships can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health. For starters, your outlook on life will be more positive.

Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle guarantees you an awesome company. Some of the communities even assign someone to welcome the new neighbor. These are the little ways you’ll feel right at home in a 55+ community in Florida.

#10.  Great Support

The one thing that’s guaranteed with Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle is great support from neighbors and friends. It’s not just social support that’s provided by a typical Florida 55+ community lifestyle.

Health support is pretty evident in these communities as well. For example, some communities even have onsite directors to manage various physical and social activities for you.

Some communities, like The Villages, even provide support groups for health issues such as diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. These support groups are critical especially if you or your partner are dealing with such health issues.

There are also some support groups that can help you manage your weight. There’s just so much support that comes with Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle.

A neighbor is always willing to help. A community staff member is always available onsite. You will never be alone.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that you can always find someone to provide you service. For example, it’s not hard to hire someone in Florida. It’s pretty easy to hire someone to come over and clean your home. He or she can even maybe cook for you.

It’s not going to be hard to look for someone who can provide some basic service for you. Since Florida has seen a rapid increase of 55+ communities, support services have also been on the rise. That’s pretty good for all the residents inside the community.

There you have it. That’s Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle for you. Now, you have a pretty good idea of  how it feels to be living inside a 55+ community in Florida. It’s safe to say that you will pretty much have access to everything you need.  Your retirement might just be the most exciting phase of your life if you choose to live it in Florida.

If you have been curious about Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle, check it out yourself. The Villages have a Lifestyle Preview Program that you can sign up for. You can spend a couple of nights in The Villages to see how awesome life is inside the community.

Better yet, call us now. We would be more than happy to provide you all the information you need to learn more about Florida’s 55+ community lifestyle. We can even show you around. Just give us a call and we will take care of you.


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